An Addition to the Rotation

Ha! As soon as I finished typing that title, I realized it made me think of baseball rather than quilting. But maybe that’s because baseball begins this Thursday! Now I know why my mother always started her “it’s a long, … Continue reading

A Few More UFOs/PIBs

While cleaning up the sewing area and while the design wall was empty before I started working on the Memories of Smudge layout, I decided it was time to document some of the other UFOs that are lurking in the … Continue reading

Possibilities 2 and 3

The 2″ Drunkard’s Path units are another one of the candidates for the baseball playoffs quilt. There are 57 more of them done and shown in this photo. There are only 256 left to make. They’re all in this box, … Continue reading

Colourful Little Nine Patches

Over the past few months, I have worked on putting the 9-patch blocks together bit by bit. Sometimes when I’m stitching a block like a Feathered Star, I’ll reach the end of some continuous stitching and, rather than begin the next stage, it’s the perfect time to make one or two of these blocks. There are nine left to make and then I’ll have the total needed for the little quilt I have in mind.

Seconds after that photo was taken, Baxter had one of the 9-patch blocks in his mouth and was proudly carting it off towards the kitchen. I have a feeling he was taking it to put in his water bowl. Thankfully I rescued it before he got that far!

The stack of finished 9-patch blocks on point have also been growing as that’s another easy stitch to pick up after some more involved piecing.

But the box full of the 9-patch blocks waiting to be surrounded by triangles has grown at a faster pace than those that have been finished.  The box is now full to the brim.

Baxter was curled up in his kitty bed beside the toy basket. He loves to curl up there, particularly on cooler evenings which last night definitely was.

Colourful Little 9-Patches

The last pieced border for Twinkling Stars was finished last night, but the baseball game was on and I didn’t want to be at the sewing machine attaching it to the quilt, so out came the 9-patch blocks to set on point. They’re now going to become a little quilt on their own rather than be incorporated into the Twinkling Stars quilt.

As the blocks are finished, they’ll be stored in a very special box from a friend. So far 13 of them are done. Once they’re all done, the quilt will be quick to stitch together. They finish at 4.24″. I think I’ll have about 100 of them by the time they’re all stitched.

There was some great feedback yesterday on working with flannels. I think I’m going to make a double 4-patch with the flannels. Once they’re washed and ironed I’ll get started. But today my plan is to attach the two borders to Twinkling Stars and hopefully get a good picture of it.

Baxter was posing in the pink chair after another busy day on the windowsill.

Little 9-Patch Blocks on Point

The 9-patch blocks are just so much more fun set on point that I couldn’t resist. They’re very quick to stitch, and give me the look I wanted for these little blocks.

Earlier this week, two new Inklingo collections were released with the triangles needed to set 4.5 inch blocks and 6 inch blocks on point, and that helped give me the idea for the 9-patch blocks. I have a little stack of 4.5-inch blocks that were made years ago but which have sat all this time. Now that the math has been taken out of figuring out what size QSTs and HSTs I needed to set them on point, I’ll get them out once the Twinkling Stars top is finished.

I’m still on schedule with this year’s baseball playoffs quilt. Although I’ve had a couple of evenings when I really wanted to work on something else, I have managed to resist and now am really glad I did.  There’s not too much hand piecing left to be done, maybe another 25 or so of the 9-patch blocks and then their setting triangles.  The rest will be done by machine.

Baxter seems to have decided my computer chair is a favourite spot — after walking over the keyboard on his way to the chair, that is. A couple of times he has almost managed to send an e-mail while marching over the various keys and the trackpad, but none have been sent … yet.