Lots of Silent Garden & Other Blocks

While I may have been quiet, there has been a fair amount of quilt-related activity.

The first thing I did was to get out a couple of stacks of pieces for the various Silent Garden variations I’m making as I had decided to make all the four-patch units of the hexagons, kite and triangles needed for the third rows of the brown & blue and Tranquil Garden tops and for more Not So Silent Garden blocks. Once those units are made, adding them to the stars is very quick as it’s lots of lovely continuous sewing.

Stack of Pieces partially pieced IMG_1804wtmk

This is what one stack of pieces looks like once I have done that initial piecing.

TQ Block 3-1 IMG_1716wtmk

Then I started adding them to the stars. First was block 1 for the third row of Tranquil Garden.

NSSG Block IMG_1718wtmk

Closely followed by a Not So Silent Garden block.

B&B Block 3-2 IMG_1720wtmk

Followed by block 2 for row 3 of the brown & blue Silent Garden top. I have little pieces of paper pinned to each of the brown & blue and Tranquil Garden stars as I have laid them all out and want to ensure I keep them in the order I have planned, but for their photographs the little pieces of paper are removed.

TQ Block 3-2 IMG_1722wtmk

Then block 2 of row 3 of the Tranquil Garden top.

NSSG Block IMG_1719wtmk

After pressing and grading of seams, all their backs look much like this one.

Four more Harpsichord blocks were added to the growing stack of finished ones – a pale pink, green, pink and peach one.

Back of Pink Harpsichord IMG_1705wtmk

Their backs, after grading of the seams and pressing, all look much like this one.

Finally, I sewed the setting triangles to a couple more of the 9-patch blocks.

Even though I know that I’m getting very close to the end of the Harpsichord blocks and making good progress on the Silent Garden variations, I’m fighting  an almost irresistible urge to start something new. I need to stay the course or, if I really need to take a break from these five projects, then I need to work on something else that is languishing.

Which is the Pickled Ladies top. I thought it was finished, but I can’t make it work with the pieced border I have planned unless I add four more rows of Pickled Ladies. And as that pieced border really works in the story I have composed in my head about these Pickled Ladies, there’s no question in my mind that I have to do this. So I have been auditioning florals for fussy cutting/printing and have a small stack of them that are perfect for some new Pickled Ladies. I need to get to a quilt store, though, as I need to find a couple of small black and white prints that are light enough on the wrong side that I can print the triangles that are part of each Pickled Lady. Most black and white prints are just fine, but I don’t want to take a chance and end up with something I can’t use.

Thank you all for the lovely comments regarding Jake. I can’t even begin to respond to them all, but we both read them and appreciated every one. Baxter seems to be okay. He was an only cat before Jake came to live here so I think that may have helped him adjust quicker than we thought he might. Both of us, though, keep looking for that little red and white face.

Baxter IMG_1789wtmk

He certainly hasn’t changed his habit of lounging in the kitty tree and watching outside.

Once again, I’m going to try to find a way to ensure I start blogging more regularly. I don’t know why I keep finding it so difficult to stick with a schedule but I am going to try, starting next week.

13 thoughts on “Lots of Silent Garden & Other Blocks

  1. All of your projects are so special that they can all wait in line as you start another new project, it’s what keeps things interesting, although frustrating that there are so many undone projects! LOL! Have a better week! I think we all miss seeing Jake!


    • Thank you – but I really do want to try to stick to a plan with these, particularly the Harpsichord top! That one has been languishing for far, far too long. But oh, the siren call of startitis projects!!

      Jake was an absolute sweetheart. I keep looking in his favourite spots. I miss those beautiful eyes and his funny little habits. So do our neighbours as he was so friendly and always came for pats.




  2. All these tops are so interesting Cathi. I’m anxious to see them all put together. I continue to miss my cat and it’s been several years that he’s been gone. I’m glad Baxter is making a good adjustment.


    • Thanks, Liz – it’s a slow process with these tops but they will eventually get done. If I don’t succumb to the itch I have to start something new, that is!!

      It takes a long time to get over the loss of a cat. I still miss Lester and Smudge and they have been gone for quite a few years now. Jake was a special little cat with fabulous personality – impossible not to love him. Have you thought about getting another cat?




  3. You make such beautiful things, Cathi! What you have accomplished already should make you proud. You can do the rest. Don’t let it weigh you down. The glass is half full, not half empty.
    Thank you for sharing these beauties!


    • Oh, Linda – I didn’t mean to sound as though I was complaining about feeling overwhelmed or weighed down by all these choices. I absolutely love having the choices that the huge assortment of Inklingo shapes gives us!! I know I’ll eventually complete all the tops I have started. All the ones I want to make that I’ve made notes for in my to-do notebook? That may be a whole other story as the list is endless – but at least I’ve got noted beside each idea which Inklingo collections I plan to use. Cathi



    • Thank you. I’ve learned that the secret for me is that I definitely need some variety – otherwise I think I’d really get into trouble with flitting from project to project and have a dozen or more on the go at once.




  4. I love every mail you send out! The work you share is so informative and helpful. One of the most informative blogs I see! Thank you so much for sharing your vast amount of knowledge. Your a true asset to quilters everywhere!


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