Harpsichords in Silent Gardens with a Pickled Lady

That title definitely made me laugh. Lots of different blocks in this post! First the 5th block of row 3 of the B&B Silent Garden top. Then the 5th block of row 3 of the Tranquil Garden top. This one … Continue reading

A Harpsichord in a Not So Silent Garden?

When I realized I was going to blog about finished Harpsichord and NSSG blocks, the thought of a harpsichord in a Not So Silent Garden just made me laugh. This is the seventh of the NSSG blocks I’ve done. I’ve finally … Continue reading

Lots of Silent Garden & Other Blocks

While I may have been quiet, there has been a fair amount of quilt-related activity. The first thing I did was to get out a couple of stacks of pieces for the various Silent Garden variations I’m making as I … Continue reading

Organized and Ready to Sew!

Over the past week or so I’ve been getting a lot more of the pieces ready to sew for the three Silent Garden tops along with the 9-patch blocks and the Harpsichord quilt. Now that’s done I’m organized and ready … Continue reading

An Addition to the Rotation

Ha! As soon as I finished typing that title, I realized it made me think of baseball rather than quilting. But maybe that’s because baseball begins this Thursday! Now I know why my mother always started her “it’s a long, … Continue reading

A Few More UFOs/PIBs

While cleaning up the sewing area and while the design wall was empty before I started working on the Memories of Smudge layout, I decided it was time to document some of the other UFOs that are lurking in the … Continue reading

Possibilities 2 and 3

The 2″ Drunkard’s Path units are another one of the candidates for the baseball playoffs quilt. There are 57 more of them done and shown in this photo. There are only 256 left to make. They’re all in this box, … Continue reading

Colourful Nine Patches, Colourful Stars

After making the squares in squares on Tuesday, I decided last night to make a few more of the 9-patch blocks set on point. They’re bright and cheerful and just what I needed after a few hours of working on the dreaded tax stuff. And the stack of finished blocks is slowly growing.

A couple more stars for the little hexagon quilt were made as well. There’s something about making a six-pointed star that I find irresistible. Possibly it’s because they always seem to go together so effortlessly. A few years ago I printed and printed the 1″ 60-degree diamonds on ’30s fabrics and solids. They’ve already been used to make one baby quilt and more will be used in the new hexagon quilt I’ve started, but that won’t even come close to making a dent in the number I’ve got printed.

That was one thing I learned early on with Inklingo. It really does pay off for me if I print lots of a shape that I know I like working with. One year I had the flu and wanted to stitch, but definitely didn’t have the energy to print or cut. So I opened up a box containing lots of shapes that I’d already printed and cut, and was able to stitch as many blocks as I wanted. Ever since then, I’ve tended to print extras of shapes. It’s also, for me, a fun way to design. I’ll grab a handful of shapes and play with them on my design book to see what I can come up with.

We have more work (hopefully, this is the end of it) to do on the taxes today. If nothing else, I’m going to start working with some form of a spreadsheet so I can keep track of everything and just be able to print off summaries at the end of the year.

Baxter was bored by the whole process and had a nap.

9-Patch Blocks

During the weekend reorganization, I came across these little 9-patch blocks that I had made quite a while ago.  I think I’ll keep making them, bit by bit, and eventually put them into a small lap quilt for us.  They’re made with 1″ squares, so each 9-patch block finishes at 3″.  They were all printed with Inklingo as I hand piece them.  Picking up 9 little squares to turn into a 9-patch block is sort of like quilter’s popcorn, a quick stitch and fun to do.  I have two boxes full of the squares to make these, although I think some of them are destined for a postage stamp quilt.

It seems there’s no real solution to the magazine dilemma.  While I have no problem tearing patterns out of some magazines, the Australian magazines are so full of great articles and pictures that I cannot bring myself to do that.  I’m glad I haven’t, as I’ve often found when going through the magazines again that I find a picture or pattern I didn’t give a second glance is now something I really like.  While I rarely ever follow a pattern, preferring to add my own touches, I do get a lot of inspiration from looking through the magazines.  So I’m still floundering about just what to do with the magazines.  The quilting books are a whole other issue!  I know I have quite a few that I’ll likely never use, so am going to cull those over the next while.  There are some that, just like the quilting magazines, I know I’ll keep because they are beautiful books to look through.

Both kitties had windowsill time Monday afternoon.  Lester was playing.

While Smudge was posing.