Sky Quilt Blocks & Stormy Seas

Years ago – at least six years, it seems. going by the date on the watermark – I started making what I’m calling the Sky Quilt. At the moment, it has a partial rainbow in the centre with star blocks … Continue reading

A Harpsichord in a Not So Silent Garden?

When I realized I was going to blog about finished Harpsichord and NSSG blocks, the thought of a harpsichord in a Not So Silent Garden just made me laugh. This is the seventh of the NSSG blocks I’ve done. I’ve finally … Continue reading

Diversions, Large and Small

The two other diversions that were irresistible and took me away from Springtime in Paris. Both involving 45-degree diamonds. One very large and one very small. First, the large diversion – a 9″ LeMoyne Star. A new Inklingo collection for 9″ … Continue reading

More Octagon Stars

I can’t stop stitching these! The little stars go together in no time, adding the 8 squares around each one is fast as can be and then adding the red diamond and octagon connectors is just plain fun. The continuous … Continue reading

A Little Bit of a Little Border

Aside from playing around with EQ, this is what I’ve been working on. I need 4 long strips like this for one of the pieced borders for Scrappy Star. At this point, it seems like an endless bit of stitching for a border that finishes at only 2.25″ wide but I’m almost three-quarters done and I know I’m going to be pleased with it once it’s finished and attached to the top.

There are loads of opportunities for continuous stitching when attaching the QSTs to the diamonds and I’m taking full advantage of those opportunities. That is helping make the stitching of the border strips fly along but I’ll still be glad when this part of Scrappy Star is finished!

Playing with designs in EQ  has now taken on a life of its own. The laptop is now plugged in over by the couch, rather than at my desk. The last few nights I’ve been designing and listening to TV rather than stitching and listening to TV. I think I’m on a designing binge of sorts.

Baxter was, I think, posing for this photo.

Sky Quilt Again

Over the holidays, this project made its reappearance and is on the list of those I want to finish up sooner rather than later. There are  a couple more rows of diamonds to add to the rainbow centre and then I’ll set it together with the four sun blocks.

We didn’t get a picture of the back of the rainbow yet, but I spent a fair bit of time pressing it on the weekend. Once again, I had left the pressing too long. However, now that I’ve got this part pressed I will press after each of the remaining rows are added. Lesson learned once again!

Baxter loves my computer chair. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “My Morris Imitation.”

Scrappy Star, Round Three

While other projects have jumped to the front of the queue, Scrappy Star is not being neglected. Each round takes a bit longer but I’m finding that adding the next round of diamonds and squares only takes a couple of evenings of stitching. It’s fun to see it grow as each round is added and is about 19.5″ now.

When hand piecing, I often leave pressing until a block is finished. Not with this one. It only takes a minute to press after each round is added. That way, when I add the final round, it won’t take long to press it.

Edited to add:  The diamonds are 2.44″ from tip to tip and the squares are 1.32″.  I  used the free Inklingo collection to print the shapes on my fabric.

Baxter lost/hid Cappy, his favourite toy, for a while on Wednesday. After looking under every piece of furniture and behind closet and cupboard doors, Cappy was finally found in the very last place I thought to look. He has refined his game with it to the point that he drops it at my feet and meows so that I look down. When he finally decided to have a rest, he made sure Cappy was close by.

Sky Quilt

Last week I spent some time going through the various partially completed projects. Some of them have been relegated to the closet for now. Others have been bumped up the list to be finished. The Sky Quilt is one of those that’s going to be worked on now. This picture is of the rainbow that will be, I think, in the middle of the quilt. Another few rows of diamonds will be added in purples and blues and that part will be done.

These four blocks will be in the corners of the quilt. I remember they struck me as being sunset and sunrise colours, which is what gave me the idea of calling it the Sky Quilt.

The pieces I need to finish the rainbow were ready and waiting, so I’ve started adding the final few rows to it and will hopefully have the top finished within a couple of weeks. The fabric I had selected for the background was easily located and is washed and ready to go.

The best part of revisiting the older projects? Once I had them out and up on the temporary design wall, I almost immediately had ideas for finishing a few. There are three of these projects that will be turned into quilt tops relatively quickly.

Baxter has a new trick.  He brings us his favourite toy, drops it at our feet and waits for us to throw it for him. First he has to rest up and be ready for some serious play time.