Diversions, Large and Small


The two other diversions that were irresistible and took me away from Springtime in Paris. Both involving 45-degree diamonds. One very large and one very small.


First, the large diversion – a 9″ LeMoyne Star. A new Inklingo collection for 9″ LeMoyne Stars came out and I had to try one. I have a plan, I think, for a quilt made using shapes in this collection. But first I wanted to make one of these huge LeMoyne Stars. I actually printed enough shapes on two fabrics, using one of the combo pages, to make two of these 9″ stars and think that, with a small border on one side, that these will end up as mug rugs.

Of course I pieced the 9″ LeMoyne Star by hand, only because I find it so relaxing, but there is a great tutorial on stitching these by machine to be found on the How to sew LeMoyne Stars post on the All About Inklingo blog. And I know that when I get to the larger project I’m contemplating using the shapes in this collection I will be doing most of the stitching by machine and will follow the tutorial.


Second, the small diversion. But this is only the beginning of this little diversion that’s made with .75″ 45-degree diamonds. And these are such fun to work with that I know I’ll have this little block finished in no time. There will be four of them, I think. The whole idea is taking shape in my mind so I know I just need to make the first one. Then I’ll get back to this as soon as Springtime in Paris is finished.

And I will be back to working on Springtime in Paris before the weekend.



There has been a lot of activity out on the roof garden the past few days. Robins, woodpeckers, cardinals, sparrows and squirrels have all been seen in the trees. And it appears we have a mockingbird. But all the activity during the daytime has made for some very tired kitties.


Jake found a nice soft spot to have a quick nap.


While Baxter was sleeping up high in the kitty tree.

3 thoughts on “Diversions, Large and Small

  1. Looks like more great ideas are looming in your mind! I hope there won’t be an overload, LOL!
    Watching birds does take a lot out of those kitties! I can imagine what they are thinking if they could just get hold of one of those birds!


  2. I don’t blame you. Who wouldn’t want to be sewing diamond stars. The only reason I am not at the moment is that I have slightly stronger will power 😉


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