About Me

A lifelong resident of Toronto, Canada, I’ve  always been intrigued by needlework of many sorts.  I began by learning to knit before I was 10, which remained a passion for a long time.  Crocheting lace and needlepoint were other needle crafts I dabbled in for a while.

One day, in the 1990s, we stopped at a quilt shop and — well, I have never looked back.   As well as quilting, I love the Quaker cross-stitch samplers and some of the “smalls” one can make with cross-stitched linens.

Mr. Q.O. and I share our home with Baxter, a Maine Coon kitty who keeps us constantly entertained.


Smudge and Lester, who shared our home for over a decade, are always in our thoughts and were featured on my blog almost daily.


While this blog is mostly about quilting projects on which I’m working and tales of Baxter’s antics, I will periodically announce my new patterns on it.

27 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am also a Canadian–I live near London, Ontario. My car also has a quilt store magnet in it! I have a snow day today so I my sewing machine and I are going to spend the day together.



    • Hi Cathi,

      I enjoy reading your blog everyday. You certainly are very productive. The clamshells will make very interesting quilts.

      We have cat and a dog and they keep us busy and amused everyday. Your pictures are just great.

      Could you tell me the name of the pattern that the canoe block is from. My brother has a great cottage near Bobcageon, and I would love to make him a quilt with some cottage scenes.




  2. Hi Cathi,

    Your batting is in the store…if you would like me to mail it down just let me know.


    PS I am in AWE of those clamshells!


  3. Dear Cathi

    Congratulation to your wonderful and intresting blogs!!
    I often visit your page.
    Can you tell me, where I can get this wonderful book, which you refer to in your blog of April 22, 2010?
    It would be great if you could give me a tip where to buy it, or an ISBN-Numer.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards



  4. Hi Cathi,

    Love your choices of color…….just gorgeous. I am unfamiliar with your new blog template, and can’t figure out if I joined your followers correctly, or not. Thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting. Michele


  5. ive never seen a clamshell quilt before…..i wish i’d found your blog before i started cutting hexagons earlier this week

    your green and white pointy block is amazing




  6. Hi Cathi, I love your Alabama Beauty quilt! I have been looking for this pattern for quite some time. Could you tell me when you got yours?


  7. Cathi,
    Hi,I just wanted to say that you havve done some awsome and beautiful work. Congratulations on your win for your beautiful Chintz Circle Quilt.

    I have a question for you.It is about your Shabby Chic Quilt. I would really love to make one for myself and dh but am at a lost on how to start. I understand that you used the 1″ elongated and regular hexagons,but how many of the other pieces did you use? I hope you don’t get upset at me for the asking. It is such a beautiful quilt which would look good in my home. If you could help me it would be greatly appreciated.
    Peggy Snyder


  8. Am now going through your blog. You definitely caught me at te beginning. Great lovely work. I do applique and am just starting to hand quilt some small items – definitely could to do without information From L Newman the Thimblelady from
    Australia. Hope to be able to take one of her classes some day.
    Margaret – a former Ottawa Canuk now resident in Scotland


  9. Hi Cathi, I know it’s been like forever since I’ve posted a comment on your blog but I think of you often and the kitties…
    I’m writting you to find out where you go the pattern for the Farmer’s Delight block and where would one find that pattern? Someone’s inquiring with me and I’ve scoured the web and I keep coming back to your blog…so is this your invention 🙂

    Can you email me when you have a chance and give me a heads up or an idea where to look – thanks so much!



  10. Hi Cathi,

    I have been following your blog for a while now and wanted to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger award:)

    See my link for how to proceed further and thank you for your great posts



  11. I found your site with quilting tips and ideas. I bookmarked it so I will be back for refreshing my memory. I am a cat lover, too. I recently lost a cat, but I still have a 9 years young tux cat, Mojo, and a new kitty boy, Asparagus.
    well, as in the musical CATS, Aspargus, now that’s such a fuss… so we call him just Gus.



  12. Beautiful blog, quilts, and cats! Thanks for following my blog. Hopefully you can find my information useful for attracting more fans and followers. -Donald


  13. Cathi, you are truly an inspiration to all of us who need a nudge now and then to keep going! You surround us with the beauty of your projects! Thanks so much for spending the time to enrich your fellow quilters with your blog!


  14. Can you provide contact info for the wonderful Heartland Quilting frame, from Canada? Would love to email them or call for info? Is there a US distributor?


  15. I need to make an octagonal block and your Harpsichord block is exactly what I’m looking for could you provide instructions please as I can’t fathom how to get this to go together. Ive cut the octagons and the squares but now I’m stuck


  16. i having look for a long time for a quilt pattern for the clamshell pickle dish quilt. does anyone know where I can buy it. tx. marolyn. mlfritschi at gmail dot com


    • Hi, Marolyn

      I don’t know where there is a pattern, per se — however, there are Inklingo collections for 6”, 9” and 11” clamshell pickle dish. The Inklingo collections allow you to print your templates right on to the back of your fabric with an ordinary Inkjet printer and everything then fits together absolutely perfectly. Here’s a link to one of the Inklingo clamshell pickle collections

      They all have great hints and tips on making a clamshell pickle quilt.


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