Chain Piecing by Hand
Curved Piecing by Hand
Flat Knot
Fussy Cutting/Printing
Piecing a Carpenter’s Wheel Block
Piecing a Drunkard’s Path Unit
Piecing a Seven Sisters Block
Piecing a Yin Yang Block
Piecing Clamshells
Stitching a Castle Wall Block
Piecing a Flying Swallows Block
Stitching Hexagons Flowers
Piecing the Swallows of Inklingo (Flying Swallows Variation)
Stitching a Twisted Hexagon
Stitching a Yin Yang Block
Piecing a Patchwork of the Crosses Block

6 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. I love the info on hand piecing. However, I have been looking for ideas of how to hand quilt blocks. I am new to quilting and after making the quilt top can’t figure out how to hand quilt it.
    Would appreciate any help or ideas.


  2. Hi Cathi,
    I am doing Bonnie’s Mystery Quilt and I am on the fence whether or not to hand piece
    or use the sewing machine. I wonder how you made your decision. I love to hand piece, but I am worried about not keeping up and discovering the “mystery” ahead of time! I would love your input. Thanks so much. Nancy, an Inkgolist


  3. Thank you for the response. My husband made a template that is bigger then the six inch one so I”m hoping I can stitch it by machine.


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