Chain Piecing by Hand

Curved Piecing by Hand

Flat Knot

Fussy Cutting/Printing

Piecing a Carpenter’s Wheel Block

Piecing a Drunkard’s Path Unit

Piecing a Seven Sisters Block

Piecing a Yin Yang Block

Piecing Clamshells

Stitching a Castle Wall Block

Piecing a Flying Swallows Block

Stitching Hexagons Flowers

Piecing the Swallows of Inklingo (Flying Swallows Variation)

Stitching a Twisted Hexagon

Stitching a Yin Yang Block

Piecing a Patchwork of the Crosses Block

Piecing Texas Stars

10 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. I love the info on hand piecing. However, I have been looking for ideas of how to hand quilt blocks. I am new to quilting and after making the quilt top can’t figure out how to hand quilt it.
    Would appreciate any help or ideas.


  2. Hi Cathi,
    I am doing Bonnie’s Mystery Quilt and I am on the fence whether or not to hand piece
    or use the sewing machine. I wonder how you made your decision. I love to hand piece, but I am worried about not keeping up and discovering the “mystery” ahead of time! I would love your input. Thanks so much. Nancy, an Inkgolist


    • If you are talking about the blue and white quilt at the top of the page, then the answer is yes. You can piece this by machine if you are good at doing set in seams. I do believe that if you do not know how, piecing some by hand will teach you what you need to know to do it by machine.


  3. Thank you for the response. My husband made a template that is bigger then the six inch one so I”m hoping I can stitch it by machine.


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