Scrappy Star, Round Three

While other projects have jumped to the front of the queue, Scrappy Star is not being neglected. Each round takes a bit longer but I’m finding that adding the next round of diamonds and squares only takes a couple of evenings of stitching. It’s fun to see it grow as each round is added and is about 19.5″ now.

When hand piecing, I often leave pressing until a block is finished. Not with this one. It only takes a minute to press after each round is added. That way, when I add the final round, it won’t take long to press it.

Edited to add:  The diamonds are 2.44″ from tip to tip and the squares are 1.32″.  I  used the free Inklingo collection to print the shapes on my fabric.

Baxter lost/hid Cappy, his favourite toy, for a while on Wednesday. After looking under every piece of furniture and behind closet and cupboard doors, Cappy was finally found in the very last place I thought to look. He has refined his game with it to the point that he drops it at my feet and meows so that I look down. When he finally decided to have a rest, he made sure Cappy was close by.

11 thoughts on “Scrappy Star, Round Three

  1. Your scrappy star is turning out just gorgeous!! I am sure that you are just so pleased. How funny about Baxter! Our Pavi often drags his toy over to our feet too when he wants to play. They have such great little personalities, don’t they?


  2. This star gets more and more beautiful. How big are the diamond shapes….I suppose I could do the math but I’m lazy this morning LOL.



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