Sky Quilt

Last week I spent some time going through the various partially completed projects. Some of them have been relegated to the closet for now. Others have been bumped up the list to be finished. The Sky Quilt is one of those that’s going to be worked on now. This picture is of the rainbow that will be, I think, in the middle of the quilt. Another few rows of diamonds will be added in purples and blues and that part will be done.

These four blocks will be in the corners of the quilt. I remember they struck me as being sunset and sunrise colours, which is what gave me the idea of calling it the Sky Quilt.

The pieces I need to finish the rainbow were ready and waiting, so I’ve started adding the final few rows to it and will hopefully have the top finished within a couple of weeks. The fabric I had selected for the background was easily located and is washed and ready to go.

The best part of revisiting the older projects? Once I had them out and up on the temporary design wall, I almost immediately had ideas for finishing a few. There are three of these projects that will be turned into quilt tops relatively quickly.

Baxter has a new trick.  He brings us his favourite toy, drops it at our feet and waits for us to throw it for him. First he has to rest up and be ready for some serious play time.

12 thoughts on “Sky Quilt

  1. Love the look of the sky quilt, the flow of colour always gets me for some reason.
    What colour have you gotten for the background?
    Baxter is looking longer every time you get a photo of him on his back, he is a real cutie.


  2. Oh boy, I’m sorry to say, but when you have written a new post the first thing I do is to scroll down the page to look at Baxter. He’s too funny!
    Than I scroll up again to admire your amazing quilts!


  3. Your blog is always fun to follow and the colors and variety are so refreshing!
    Baxter is such a charmer, I miss my two little fur balls so much….but they’ve a
    good home with my brother/sil….a unique wedding gift…huh? ;-))))) We survived
    the earthquake (actually never felt it with my two own earthquakes!) and evacuated/survived the hurricane….now I think it must be time for some calm…and sewing!!!! ;-)))))
    Hugs, happy stitching and thank you for continual inspiration!


  4. Wow! That will be an awesome quilt! Is it totally pieced with diamonds? The colors are so wonderful together that I think this will be amazing!
    Baxter does look like he’s recharging for the next game! How cute! 🙂


  5. Baxter, that doesn’t look very relaxing position!
    Cathi, your Sky quilt is going to be amazing and really like a sunrise and sunset!
    xxx Teje


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