Drunkard’s Path Variation

The blocks for this have been done for ages and were sitting, waiting to be put into a top. Part of the reason for the delay was that I wasn’t quite sure how I’d finish it. Now I know. Without the border, it’s 36 x 42. It’s completely hand pieced.

Last week, 6 new Inklingo collections were released with new sizes of the Drunkard’s Path shapes, ranging from 2″ to 7″, along with an absolutely fabulous Drunkard’s Path Free Design Book.  The book is wonderful and, for the moment, free to download. It’s full of tips and tricks for both hand and machine stitching Drunkard’s Path blocks as well as tons of layouts.

The new sizes gave me a completely different idea than I initially had for the border I’ll add to make it into a lap quilt. The top was made with shapes from the 3″ collection. I’ll be using shapes from the 6″ collection to make the pieced border. The fabrics for the border are ready and washed and now I just need to find one of them. I’ve obviously tucked it away too well, but I think I have an idea where it is.

Baxter is growing in leaps and bounds — and is leaping and bounding around here too as the kitten antics go on daily.  We were fortunate to get this shot of him awake and still.

7 thoughts on “Drunkard’s Path Variation

  1. Looks loverly!!! These fabrics are just luscious. Okay and can Baxter be growing into any more of a handsome cat? Would you look at those eyes? I mean the liner! Plus he’s changing color (tone) to my eye. …but what do I know. He just looks deeper in color from here. Beautimous.


  2. Wonderful quilt as always! I can’t wait to see the border on it!
    Baxter is such a cutie and so mature looking today! I don’t know how you get much sewing done with having to watch the wild antics going on! Perhaps you sew fast while he’s napping!


  3. OH YUMMY! These French General fabrics look fabulous all sewn up! I have a layercake of this very same collection sitting in my stash, all washed and waiting to be used so it’s lovely to see them in a project.
    Bunnykisses to kitty Baxter, he is looking adorable 🙂


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