Morning Glory & A Lily

My morning glory is perhaps a bit more blue than in nature and who knows, I may change my mind about what flower this is. I want some blue flowers in my quilt and morning glory seemed like one I … Continue reading

A Wander Through The Garden

I decided to take a look at the flowers that have bloomed so far as I decide what other flowers to add to the Gardens Gone Wild quilt. So far there’s the iris, anemone and sweet pea. Then the marigold … Continue reading

Chrysanthemum Block

I wanted to work with the print in this and the only flower that I thought it would work for was a chrysanthemum. So I chose batiks to go with it… …and here’s the chrysanthemum block for the Gardens Gone … Continue reading

Sweet Pea Ribbon Flower

There were so many variations in colours of sweet pea flowers I found searching on the Internet that my sweet pea block could have been many different ones, but I couldn’t resist this variation. It was the fastest I’ve sewn … Continue reading

Wisteria Ribbon Flower

The next flower for my Ribbons of Flowers Garden Quilt is wisteria. I absolutely had to have that in my garden. I loved picking out the fabrics for this one – and made changes as I sewed it together as … Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions

After I finished the marigold block, I decided to try to prep at least two blocks so I could just pick them up and start sewing. As of right now, I have the pieces printed and ready to sew for … Continue reading

The Marigold Ribbon Flower

It’s finished. Finally finished. The number of needles that were bent, dulled and even snapped in two in the making of it are too numerous to mention! I don’t think I’ve ever gone through so many needles making just one … Continue reading

Late Bloomer

The first of the orange flowers is definitely proving to be a very late bloomer. It’s still not done. Yes, two of the batiks ¬†have proven to be incredibly hard to sew – sort of like trying to drive a … Continue reading

Anemone Ribbon Flower Block

I’ve found some great websites over the past week or so with fabulous pictures of flowers and it has been to those websites that I refer when trying to name the blocks of my Ribbons of Flowers Garden Quilt. Particularly … Continue reading

Is It Half a Violet?

I’ve got half of the next Ribbon Flower together – but I’m not sure yet just what flower it is. Is it a violet or clematis or verbena? Maybe salvia? Perhaps a pansy? I know it’s not wisteria, as I … Continue reading