Stars Going Every Which Way!

So far I’m still sticking with the Christmas Fireworks and two more blocks are done.

First one with the star pointing straight.

Then an off-centre one.

The back of the straight star after grading of the seams and pressing it. When I was taking the photos, I happened to scroll through my camera roll really quickly and it was fun to see how much movement the block that seems off-centre adds. Now I’m really glad I decided to do the blocks both ways!

I’m also very grateful that I caught on to the effect of the two blocks early as I had only made a few of each type and now can ensure that I have equal numbers of the more colourful centres in both settings. I’m excited about putting this top together which will hopefully – hopefully — keep me piecing the blocks!

What else have I been doing? Spending altogether far too much time watching kittens at Tiny Kittens, a rescue organization in British Columbia. The work they do with feral and other cats is extraordinary. Right now there are two groups of kittens – one group composed of kittens that are 5 and 7 weeks old and another group that are just 2 days old. It’s very, very, very easy to suddenly lose hours, watching kitten antics.

“Rum Ration”

6 thoughts on “Stars Going Every Which Way!

  1. My friend who was in HMS, and at sea for many years, said that tot of rum in thick syrupy cocoa was a life saver for him and the crew on the mine detector destroyers. on many freezing nights. Love your fireworks too.


  2. Your blocks are always gorgeous.

    I’m a fan of Kitten Academy on YouTube, a foster currently in Connecticut. They have 2 litters that are 2 weeks apart in age plus an extra single who’s a little older plus 5 permanent cats. They managed to combine them into one big rambunctious family of 13 kittens and 2 mom cats. He’ll be getting a new mom cat soon so we’ll all be on baby watch when she arrives.


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