Next? Stormy Weather Ahead!

This block was done in March. Of. 2010. That’s right – 2010. That was when the first block of Stormy Seas was sewn, although I just watermarked it now. And the project is still not finished!

These 25 blocks were finished by 2012, and there it appears to have sat until 2018 when a handful more blocks were finished. Blocks like these ones:

And these:

And these blocks as well:

That was September 2018, well over three years ago. Now there are only ten blocks left to make. Each envelope in this box has all the pieces needed for one block and, as usual, I’ve selected the blue thread that is the best match for each block left to be sewn. So once Christmas Fireworks is complete, I will be moving on to finish up Stormy Seas. I’m glad that the lines printed on the fabric with Inklingo haven’t faded after all this time! I can’t believe I started it in March 2010, over 11.75 years ago. I know some projects have to marinate, but this one has marinated far, far, far too long!! I’m hoping that ‘fessing up to it on my blog will help me stay the course and get this one done!

When the final blocks are done, I’m going to have to start using the portable design wall I’ve finally figured out how to make. Working out the layout of the blocks would be an almost impossible challenge without a design wall.

Other than the ‘toon and the above picture of the container with the pieces for the remaining blocks, all the pictures in this post are from a long time ago. So I decided to use a Baxter photo from 2018, the last year in which I worked on the Stormy Seas blocks.

‘What the Storm at Sea Washed Up”

17 thoughts on “Next? Stormy Weather Ahead!

    • Thanks, Martha – I’m actually going to staple some flannel on to the frame of a very large picture and use that as my design wall. That way it’s easy to move and I will have something I can use without constantly trying to tape it to the wall!!




    • I’m very happy to learn I’m not the only one with these aged projects!! I do believe some need to go into a time-out before they’re finished to allow us time to decide if they will be finished the way they are at that point or whether changes are going to be made.

      I can’t wait to see what you do with a Storm at Sea block/quilt!!!




  1. I SO like every single block, and like making cheese, all good things take time. The fabrics are delightful together, and on the design wall, will soon sort out their place to shine best. Bob, what a ‘toon today. Incidentally, our daughter also had a comment from the person who hacked my account. She knew it wasn’t me!!!


  2. I remember when you were working on this quilt! Time flies when you having fun! You’ll get it done! Just don’t go exploring into another closet or cupboard where you find more unfinished projects! LOL!


    • Thank you, Linda! Those points are only because I learned all the important hand piecing lessons one could ever need from Quilted Diamonds and Quilted Diamonds 2 and the perfect sewing lines & matching points of Inklingo. You’ve really made it so easy to sew beautiful blocks!!




  3. Marinate, sharinate. Lol, I’ve just finished a 2009 ufo. Love, love the Stormy Sea blocks! I do enjoy what ever you do, Cathi!


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