Two Blocks Each for Two Quilts

The poll is closed. It was fun watching the votes come in over the weekend and  I loved reading the comments. The lead went back and forth between Stormy Seas and Memories of Smudge but Memories of Smudge is the clear … Continue reading

Stormy Seas Block 18

Another Stormy Seas block did get done last night. This one makes me think of big frothy waves. When I started working with the extra pieces, I said I’d get at least two blocks of the Stormy Seas top done this week so I’m at least halfway there. I had forgotten just how much fun these blocks are to put together.

That one will join these 17 blocks as last seen on my makeshift design wall. I’m starting to have some different ideas about setting these blocks and may stop making blocks that use only 2 fabrics after the next two are completed and instead start using 3 or 4 batiks in each block. Once I have 20 of them done, I’ll make that decision.

Yesterday was yet another incredibly mild day for January. No matter what winter may throw at us now, it can’t possibly last long.

While Baxter doesn’t seem to mind having his photo taken, he doesn’t pose. Mr. Q.O. grabs a shot quickly, what he calls “shots from the hip”.