Ring in the Silent Gardens

DWR Ring IMG_2015wtmk

I decided to get that partially finished DWR ring finished and added to the stack. I need to start adding the finished rings to the top which has barely been begun to see how many more complete rings I need to make. I know I printed everything I need to make the top the size I had in mind, but I didn’t keep any notes of my plan – so now I’ve got to work that out.

DWR Ring Back IMG_2016wtmk

Its back after pressing and grading of seams.

B&B Silent Garden 3-6 IMG_1948wtmk

Then, even though I had planned to piece the three Stormy Seas blocks that used the dark blue batik, I got distracted – found reasons to avoid them. First I finished the 6th block of row 3 of the Brown & Blue Silent Garden.

B&B Silent Garden 3-6 Back IMG_1949wtmk

Its back, after pressing & grading seams.

Tranquil Garden 3-6 IMG_1858wtmk

Then of course I had to finish the 6th block of row 3 of the Tranquil Garden.

Tranquil Garden 3-6 Back IMG_1859wtmk

Its back, after pressing & grading of seams.

Finishing two Silent Garden blocks meant I absolutely had to piece two Harpsichord blocks, which I did – a light orange one and a medium orange one.

Their backs, after pressing and grading of seams. By this point, even I realized I was finding reasons to avoid sewing the Stormy Seas blocks that had the dark blue batik.

Stormy Sea Block Bits IMG_2013wtmk

Finally I began working on them. I got all the initial piecing of one block done and began the second of the three. I was reminded to use the small Thimblelady needles again for these tough batiks by a comment left on my last post. I should have remembered that from the Ribbon Flower blocks that I was making last summer as those needles made the world of difference then.

Flowers Outside TGH IMG_1802wtmk

We’re very fortunate that there are flowers to be seen almost everywhere here in the summer – in front of office towers, condominiums, hospitals, you name it. When Mr. Q.O. was walking last week, he snapped this shot. It’s so nice to see all the colours that summer flowers bring.

ring ringwtmk

“What’s That Ringing Sound?”

Baxter July 29, 2018IMG_2029wtmk

Baxter in his favourite spot where he can watch out the window or easily keep an eye on what we might be doing, particularly if one of us is in the kitchen.


2 thoughts on “Ring in the Silent Gardens

  1. Busy, busy, busy. I’m liking that blue and brown project. I started a QOV project over the weekend. Amazing how much you can accomplish with a sewing machine.

    Ah, Baxter. We know who rules the roost!


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