Harpsichord Block Assembly Line

I got on a roll! And I’ve been sewing these little harpsichord blocks so much faster than I was when I initially began making them that it almost feels like a little assembly line, but if it’s an assembly line … Continue reading

Slow Progress

And I mean very slow progress! Although I had all the little white and red triangle units done and the four-patch units completed, I could only manage to sew  one of these 9-patch blocks last night. Why so slow? Because … Continue reading

The Harpsichord Quilt Project

When I looked in the Storm at Sea project box last week, I found there was one glassine envelope in there that didn’t quite belong. That led me to finding the Harpsichord Quilt project box.  Clearly, the lid was barely … Continue reading

Grading the Harpsichord Blocks

Saturday night I graded the seams on all the harpsichord quilt blocks done to date. I had actually picked up the project box, thinking I’d stitch a few more when I realized I really needed to get the grading done … Continue reading

Harpsichord Block #33

It seems I’m going to have to accept that this block takes longer to stitch than I think. This one took me about 75 minutes, so a bit faster than the night before. I’m still hoping I’ll find a stitching … Continue reading

More Harpsichord Quilt Blocks

Over the Christmas break, I also worked on the harpsichord quilt blocks. There are still many to be made, but I’m going to try to get them finished this year. 154 blocks are needed for the quilt top. I have … Continue reading

Drunkard’s Path to Harpsichord Blocks

Another project that got worked on over the past weekend was the ’30s Drunkard’s Path quilt. Eleven more blocks done. Now the numbers are 386 done, 446 left to make. Even typing that makes me shake my head, but I … Continue reading

Storm at Sea & Harpsichord

One more Storm at Sea block has been completed.  For fun, I put the completed ones up on my temporary design wall.  Obviously I’m going to have to do a lot of arranging of the blocks, when they’re all completed, to get the effect I’m after.  So far, though, I love the look of all those lovely luscious batiks!

Along with completing that one more Storm at Sea block, I made a few more of the Harpsichord blocks.  The row on the far left has been joined, but the other blocks are not.  There are still many blocks to be made for this top, but it feels good to be adding a few more to it weekly again.

One thing I’ve realized about the temporary design wall is that the spot it is in is probably an area of the apartment that has the worst possible lighting.  Some rearranging may have to be done so that the design wall is in an area where there is better lighting available.  Perhaps by a window?

Smudge was playing more with his favourite toy on Thursday, although in this picture he was reclining on the couch.

A Stack of Stitching

This may not look like a lot, but there are quite a few blocks there to be stitched.  At least 100, I believe.  I love having a stack all ready to stitch like this.  I even went ahead and clipped into all the concave seam allowances so that I can just stitch and stitch and not have to stop and clip any of the seam allowances.

One more little Harpsichord Quilt block is made.  This is not a UFO that I want to leave languishing for too long as I think it will be a very striking quilt.  So once I get 2 more finished, it’s moving to the top of the list and, in the meantime, I will try to make a couple of blocks a week.

I realized yesterday that a larger stitching book would be even more useful so finally have a use for my orphan applique blocks.  There are a number of them that have been sitting now for years.  They can be quickly joined, quilted and turned into stitching books and that makes me happy.

There were a number of helpful responses yesterday.  I’m going to e-mail the blogger in question, as Wendy suggested, and then see what happens.

The cats had very lazy days on Monday.  Lester was lounging at one end of the couch.   He did spend some time on the windowsill Monday, though.  I think he’s getting impatient for some activity out on the roof garden.

While Smudge was at the other end of the couch and barely awake when this shot was taken.

Dots of Colour

The baby quilt I was working on back in August and early September will finally be basted, hopefully this weekend.  I was lucky enough to win a gift certificate, so used it to buy the fabric above for the backing.  I couldn’t find an appropriate flannel but when I saw this fabric I couldn’t resist it.  Perfect for a baby quilt, I think.

These 3 fabrics were also purchased with the gift certificate — what a treat!  Initially I had thought the stripe on the far left would be perfect for the binding, but it’s too pink.  I love using stripes to get different effects in pieced blocks and for bias binding, so this is a welcome addition to the stash even if it’s not used for this particular quilt.  Lately I find I want to use a bit of black in almost every quilt I make, which explains the middle choice.  The one on the far right intrigues me.  I think I’ll have fun with it and already have an idea.

Thursday night I got out the completed blocks for the Harpsichord Quilt.  I have a long way to go, but was pleasantly surprised when I realized I already had 2 of the vertical rows complete.  The centres of the last three pink and cream big stars are done.  If the weekend weather is as rainy and cold as they’re predicting, I think I may have at least 2 of the stars completed by Monday.  Now I’m seeing the benefit of a large block as I may well have this top together by month end.

Smudge was chasing leaves on the windowsill for a while on Thursday morning and then peeked out from under the lace.  We couldn’t resist this photo, even though it is a bit blurry.

Later on, Lester was on the windowsill.