Alternate Blocks

Once I had enough blocks for the first vertical row of the brown & blue Silent Garden top, I needed to make the alternate blocks for the second row. I got a little carried away and  had joined them into that second row before I remembered to take pictures!

Brown & Blue IMG_1480wtmk

I’m not trying to choose favourites among these.

Brown & Blue 7IMG_1474wtmk

Because every time I think I know which is my favourite, I look at the next and it is.

Brown & Blue 6IMG_1476wtmk

This one is a little less dramatic than some of the others.

Brown & Blue 5IMG_1475wtmk

This one is also a bit less showy.

Brown & Blue 4 IMG_1477wtmk

Then there’s this one though – and it’s my favourite of this group.

Brown & Blue 3IMG_1478wtmk

Although this one is a close runner-up.

Brown & Blue 2IMG_1479wtmk

As is this one. I have now graded all the seams, but didn’t take a photograph of the backs of these. I will try to remember to take a photos of the next set of alternate blocks I make for this top.

Medium Green HarpsichordIMG_1318wtmk

I had to do at least one Harpsichord block after all those alternate blocks.

Medium Green Harpsichord Back IMG_1319wtmk

And its back after the seams were graded and it was pressed.

Alternate Realitywtmk

“Alternate Reality”

Jake & Baxter, May 7, 2018 IMG_1608wtmk

This is something we rarely see. Very rarely. While they get along, they’re not really the types to curl up together. So when we saw this, we had to quickly grab our phones and take some photos.


10 thoughts on “Alternate Blocks

    • I still struggle with the idea I’m making a brown quilt as brown is definitely my least favourite colour of them all, but I do like how this is starting to look.

      Baxter is a very big Maine Coon cat who definitely dwarfs Jake, but when they play fight he’s quite gentle with Jake. I think he knows how much bigger he is.




  1. Oh my Jake is so much smaller than Baxter! Nice to see them together to compare the size difference.
    I love the blue/brown blocks. The colors look so nice together. It will make a beautiful quilt.


    • I’m still surprised at how much I do like the brown & blue blocks. I’m getting rather anxious to see the top finished. There’s a huge size difference, but Jake is not the least bit overmatched – when they get into play fights, he’s usually the winner.




  2. All must be quiet in your “gardens” as the fur-men are taking a snooze. It would be a rare sight here too if there were warm bodies snuggling together, and not with mom.


    • I think that was after an afternoon of a lot of things they had to watch out on the roof garden so it was definitely rest time, but together? Almost unheard of!!




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