Lots and Lots of Blocks

I’ve been busy and got five blocks done for this post.

Blue Kona Bay Star IMG_1312wtmk

First a Tranquil Garden block.

Blue Kona Bay Star back IMG_1313wtmk

And its back.

Kona Bay fabric with ruler IMG_1439wtmk

I had promised I’d post a photo of the fabric I used to fussy cut/print the diamonds for the stars in the Tranquil Garden blocks. Here it is with a ruler which shows, I hope, the 11 3/8″ repeat. Finding fabrics with a manageable repeat is what makes Inklingo no-waste fussy cutting/printing so much fun!!

Brown & Blue Star IMG_1316wtmk

Then another brown & blue Silent Garden block.

Brown & Bluel Star backIMG_1317wtmk

And its back. I still haven’t found a picture of the brown and blue fabric and doubt that I ever took one.

Lilac Harpsichord IMG_1455wtmk

A pretty little lilac Harpsichord Quilt block.

Medium Green Harpsichord IMG_1305wtmk

And a green one.

Their backs, after grading the seams.

9-Patch IMG_1453wtmk

Finally, a little 9-patch block.

9-Patch Back IMG_1454wtmk

And its back, after grading the seams.

After I had made the few Not So Silent Garden stars and graded all the seams, I realized just what a difference it makes so I’m going to go back and grade all the seams of the Tranquil Garden and brown & blue Silent Garden blocks that are done so far and then will just keep doing them as I go.

Now I have enough of both the brown & blue and Tranquil Garden blocks finished to sew the first two rows of each together and then join them! So that will be next.

We had quite a windstorm on Friday which gave me a migraine that just would not quit. It’s still lingering – sort of the bruised head feeling that seems to happen after a bad one. Of course they put the lawn furniture out on the roof garden on Thursday. I was almost afraid to look out Saturday morning but, other than blowing a few of the chairs on their backs and a little away from where they are usually, there was no damage. The daffodils are fine and there are more blooming.

This Kind of Blockwtmk

“Good, Jakey, but THIS kind of block!”

Jake looking out window IMG_1600wtmk

Jake is definitely happy that there are things to watch out on the roof garden. He takes up his post at the window every afternoon.

Baxter - Whiskers! IMG_1585wtmk

Baxter was – well, being Baxter and posing for a photo.

10 thoughts on “Lots and Lots of Blocks

  1. Please identify the fabric you show for the Tranquil Garden Blocks. Your blocks are beautiful and I really enjoy seeing them. Thank you.


  2. Thank you so much Cathi for showing the fabric you used for fussy cutting! I had asked to see some of your fabric choices you use for Inklingo projects. It was helpful to see just how patterned the fabric was before it was fussy cut and sewn into the block. Thanks so much, fabric selection is a challenge for me as well as many others I am sure.


    • You’re not the only one, Marsha!! I struggled with the idea of identifying the right fabrics until I started using a window template.

      Once you start to look at fabrics with a window template, it makes it so easy to identify fabrics that work for fussy cutting. If I have a particular block I want to make, the first thing I do is print a sheet of the shape I want to fussy cut/print and then use it as a window template when auditioning fabrics – that has really opened my eyes about what fabrics work and some have been quite surprising. Sometimes what we might think of as being an ugly fabric turns into a swan when fussy cut/printed!




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