Organized and Ready to Sew!

Over the past week or so I’ve been getting a lot more of the pieces ready to sew for the three Silent Garden tops along with the 9-patch blocks and the Harpsichord quilt. Now that’s done I’m organized and ready to sew!

Tranquil Garden Staging Box IMG_1550wtmk

Each of the projects has its own staging box. One for the Tranquil Garden quilt.

Brown & Blue Staging Box IMG_1553wtmk

One for the brown and blue Silent Garden project. I have to come up with a name for this one other than just brown & blue.

NSSG Staging Box IMG_1552wtmk

One for the Not So Silent Garden. I still have lots to print for this one but I’ve got a good start on it.

Harpsichord Quilt Project Box IMG_1602wtmk

One for the Harpsichord Quilt. I have pieces of some of the fabrics I used for the Harpsichord top in there to ensure I don’t use them in something else until I’m sure I’ve got everything I need for the top. I have yardage of the other black music fabric and gold fabrics I’ve used for the octagons set aside as well.

9-Patch On Point Staging Box IMG_1551wtmk

Finally, the staging box for the 9-patch blocks.

Stacks Ready to Sew IMG_1554wtmk

The pieces in those boxes will be put into stacks like those in this large box. Each stack has the pieces for 12 blocks – 2 of each of the three Silent Garden tops and 6 Harpsichord blocks. I love having lots ready just like this as it makes the hand piecing of the blocks seem much faster, so for me it’s time well spent.

Stack for 12 Blocks IMG_1590wtmk

This is what one stack looks like. When I take a stack out of the box, I add two of the 9-patch blocks so each stack actually ends up being for 14 blocks.

Stack Ready to Sew Into Blocks IMG_1591wtmk

Having the irregular hexagon, kite and triangle units sewn together makes it really fast to add them to the stars for the Silent Garden tops. So when I take a stack out of that box, along with adding the 9-patch blocks, I’m sewing the units for the six Silent Garden blocks in each stack first.

And we all know that this organization and the decision to work on these five quilt tops will go right out the window if a new Inklingo collection is released that involves curved piecing because – well, curved piecing is impossible for me to resist.

Daffs 1wtmk

Finally – finally! – the daffodils have bloomed. I’ve been watching for them for what feels like months and yesterday they bloomed. Along with the daffodils blooming, the fact they were working on getting the sprinkler system ready out on the roof garden tells me that spring may finally be here.

Don't Panicwtmk

“Don’t Panic”

Jake May 1, 2018 IMG_1599wtmk

Jake was happy to have something to watch out on the roof garden yesterday.

Baxter May 1, 2018 IMG_1589wtmk

As was Baxter.

10 thoughts on “Organized and Ready to Sew!

    • Two of the boxes were gifts from friends but all the others have come from dollar stores. Mr. Q.O. finds the best boxes for me at the dollar stores. It’s fun to have something pretty in which to store a project.


  1. Wow! That is some organization! No excuses for progress to be made! Good luck and maybe Linda will hold off on anything curvy, LOL!


    • I’ve learned the hard way that I need to keep everything organized and in one spot. Spring is finally here and I bet Linda will be doing a lot more gardening so maybe I will have time to get at least the brown and blue and Kona Bay ones done. 😉




  2. I so enjoy your posts and organization.. and Jake and Baxter…we have 5 of our own! Kathy, with a K🤗

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. All set, and choices for each day. Daffs, I have bulbs ready to plant, and a light frost this morning, it seems amazing to know we can txt, email, blog, all instant communication, and then know you are in a totally different season,. I am so thankful for modern technology.


    • It is incredible to think about how quickly we can all now communicate no matter how far away! I can’t even imagine what my mother would have made of this – I think she would have been absolutely fascinated by it all.




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