Seven Blocks for Five Tops and Breaking News!!

I’m trying to find different headlines for the posts about these blocks, with varying degrees of success. Looking for the breaking news? You’ll have to scroll down. First another brown & blue Silent Garden block – this will be block … Continue reading

Organized and Ready to Sew!

Over the past week or so I’ve been getting a lot more of the pieces ready to sew for the three Silent Garden tops along with the 9-patch blocks and the Harpsichord quilt. Now that’s done I’m organized and ready … Continue reading

Colourful Little 9-Patches

The stack of 9-patch blocks on point has been growing. Not rapidly, but slow and steady growth. There are some evenings I work on something more complex and just want an easy stitch, and that’s when these get made. There will be 140 or so of them.

It will be a fun and colourful little quilt.

I’m grading the blocks as I make them. Even with these little blocks, it makes a big difference.

The blocks finish at 4.25″. When I was making Twinklingo Stars, I printed lots of the little squares thinking I might use them all in a border. As it turned out, I had many left over. That was when I decided to do the 9-patches on point and turn them into their own little quilt.

There’s a magical moment in the late afternoons at this time of year when the sun hits the buildings across the street from us and bathes them in a wonderful pink glow. We were lucky enough to get this shot on Tuesday.

Baxter waiting patiently for a treat.

Afterwards he looked quite satisfied and maybe ready for a nap.

Colourful Little 9-Patches

Almost half of the 9-patch blocks i need for the Twinkling Stars quilt are done. With any luck, I’ll have them finished before the end of the weekend and then can get started putting the top together. I’m piecing them by hand, as that’s the perfect thing to stitch while watching baseball games, and they finish at 3 inches.

There were quite a few good ideas in the comments yesterday and I’ve followed up on all them. So far, no luck but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of the avenues I’m exploring will result in a find of the fabric.

Baxter was insistent on getting in the picture of the 9-patch blocks. He climbs up beneath the board on which the background fabric and blocks are laid out. We think he’s curled up under there, but then all of a sudden his head appears.

Later on, he had to go rest in the hallway.

Small 9-Patch Blocks

In one of the boxes, there are many, many squares just waiting to be stitched.  I started making some little 9-patch blocks that finish at 3″. There’s something about making 9-patch blocks that I find really appealing.

I keep thinking about making a red and white 9-patch lap quilt. That won’t happen until the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt is done, but it’s definitely a quilt I want to make.

Baxter seems to think these blocks are meant for him, so perhaps I’ll make a few more and he’ll have his first little quilt. I’m thinking of making a grey, white, black and pink quilt for him, but haven’t quite decided on what pattern. In the meantime, perhaps a little 9-patch quilt will suffice until he’s fully grown and I get the other quilt made.

9-Patch Blocks

During the weekend reorganization, I came across these little 9-patch blocks that I had made quite a while ago.  I think I’ll keep making them, bit by bit, and eventually put them into a small lap quilt for us.  They’re made with 1″ squares, so each 9-patch block finishes at 3″.  They were all printed with Inklingo as I hand piece them.  Picking up 9 little squares to turn into a 9-patch block is sort of like quilter’s popcorn, a quick stitch and fun to do.  I have two boxes full of the squares to make these, although I think some of them are destined for a postage stamp quilt.

It seems there’s no real solution to the magazine dilemma.  While I have no problem tearing patterns out of some magazines, the Australian magazines are so full of great articles and pictures that I cannot bring myself to do that.  I’m glad I haven’t, as I’ve often found when going through the magazines again that I find a picture or pattern I didn’t give a second glance is now something I really like.  While I rarely ever follow a pattern, preferring to add my own touches, I do get a lot of inspiration from looking through the magazines.  So I’m still floundering about just what to do with the magazines.  The quilting books are a whole other issue!  I know I have quite a few that I’ll likely never use, so am going to cull those over the next while.  There are some that, just like the quilting magazines, I know I’ll keep because they are beautiful books to look through.

Both kitties had windowsill time Monday afternoon.  Lester was playing.

While Smudge was posing.