9-Patch Blocks

During the weekend reorganization, I came across these little 9-patch blocks that I had made quite a while ago.  I think I’ll keep making them, bit by bit, and eventually put them into a small lap quilt for us.  They’re made with 1″ squares, so each 9-patch block finishes at 3″.  They were all printed with Inklingo as I hand piece them.  Picking up 9 little squares to turn into a 9-patch block is sort of like quilter’s popcorn, a quick stitch and fun to do.  I have two boxes full of the squares to make these, although I think some of them are destined for a postage stamp quilt.

It seems there’s no real solution to the magazine dilemma.  While I have no problem tearing patterns out of some magazines, the Australian magazines are so full of great articles and pictures that I cannot bring myself to do that.  I’m glad I haven’t, as I’ve often found when going through the magazines again that I find a picture or pattern I didn’t give a second glance is now something I really like.  While I rarely ever follow a pattern, preferring to add my own touches, I do get a lot of inspiration from looking through the magazines.  So I’m still floundering about just what to do with the magazines.  The quilting books are a whole other issue!  I know I have quite a few that I’ll likely never use, so am going to cull those over the next while.  There are some that, just like the quilting magazines, I know I’ll keep because they are beautiful books to look through.

Both kitties had windowsill time Monday afternoon.  Lester was playing.

While Smudge was posing.

12 thoughts on “9-Patch Blocks

  1. Isn’t it nice to find something that we would love to continue to work on. Nine patches are classic too. I hope that you will find a solution for your magazine dilemma. At worst, you will just have to keep them all!


  2. Sweet Lester and Smudge, tell mommy she is insane to be hand piecing 3″ ninepatches! LOL! Just kidding Cathi, I did a miniature last year using 2″ blocks! Your blocks look so English cottage…sweet!


  3. I have a lot of magazines that I don’t want to tear pages out of either. I usually put a bookmark in by a quilt I like and when I go back something different in the magazine catches my eye.


  4. Oooo pretty 9 patches….makes me wish I had gone scrappy with the background, but I just don’t have enough lights :0)



  5. Sigh. the magazines et al are a dilemma. I just moved, and I threw out a ton of magazines- no one wanted to buy them and they couldn’t go with us. We downsized by a LOT. I’m mulling buying some of the mags I liked on CD, but haven’t jumped off that ledge yet. Technology changes so fast- I threw out a ton of files in formats I couldn’t read any more, too. I was fortunate to find a local used bookstore that catered to the crafts and I actually made good money on my craft books, including my quilt books. It was a lot easier than trying to list them myself on e-bay.


  6. These blocks are darling, Cathi.

    My quilting teacher Barbara uses this little plastic contraption that allows you to slip a book through its slit, and then on one side of this thing are three holes for you to put in a three-ring binder. It’s pretty nifty.


  7. I went back to look at a few older posts I missed, since I’ve been in a fog lately… Your posts are always so wonderful. Your photos so clear. I look forward to them so and read each one, even though I may not comment. Thank you for taking the time to keep up your blog. I think a LOT more folks read it than comment~it’s enjoyed by MANY.
    Lester is so lion like! Look how he’s using his leg. I don’t know, something majestic about this kitty. Smudge is simply beautiful.


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