A Little Lace

In my pre-quilting life, I used to do a lot of lace crochet.  Over the years I made lace tablecloths for my mother and aunt and had started this one for myself.  Crocheting was the first craft that my hands rebelled against and I had to put this away when it was the size of a large rectangular shawl.  I’m thinking of trying to finish the last row and perhaps use it as a very lacy dress-up shawl when the occasion warrants.   There’s a dime next to one of the motifs in the next picture.  Lace was my favourite thing to crochet and I had great plans to make lace window treatments.

After crocheting was out of the question, I focused on knitting.  That lasted for a number of years until the rheumatologist and hand clinic told me that knitting was absolutely the worst thing for my hands.  Thankfully, quilting doesn’t seem to cause anywhere near the problems that the other crafts did.

We have been doing some reorganizing and during that, I opened the cedar chest and discovered the lace piece.  I had totally forgotten about it.

Smudge was rather intently watching as I laid the lace out on the floor to photograph it.

Lester wasn’t interested at all.  He was happily asleep curled up with a teddy bear.

13 thoughts on “A Little Lace

  1. That’s beautiful work, Cathi! It will make a very nice shawl. I knit and crochet lace and other things, too. I don’t think I could handle finding out that I can’t do it anymore. You’re doing very well with the quilting as your outlet.


  2. Wow, that is some of the most beautiful lace that I have ever seen!! Just gorgeous! I am so glad that you have found another outlet to keep your creative juices flowing!


  3. Oh the lace is beautiful!! I think I made that pattern once too. I also thought of making lace curtains, but soon dropped that lofty ambition LOL.



  4. The lace is beautiful and it definitely *will* make a beautiful stole. I don’t have RA but I do have a lot of problems with my hands and wrists from keyboarding and I’ve found that crochet is much more repetitive and hurts my hands than knitting. We do what we can, don’t we?


  5. YOU are an amazing woman. A true Victorian lady in modern day time. You can do anything…
    I’d love to see you dressed up with your wonderful Prince Charming, going out for an evening on the town with your beautiful lace shawl… WOW!
    Perhaps when you finish your aunt’s quilt, you could finish this up and have a night on the town to celebrate. I love any excuse to get dressed up and enjoy a nice dinner!
    I think Smudge thought it was a new toy and wanted to pounce on it! 🙂


  6. That lace piece too my breath away, Cathi! My mother used to make lots of them, but for some reason, she didn’t keep any for herself when we moved. And now, she wouldn’t pick up that craft again to make me a tablecloth… 😦 I begged, I even used “Baby” as an excuse to get her to make me one… but no success!

    I can see applique-ing that lace piece to a sateeny dark background, and do free-motion quilting in the negative space!!!!!


  7. Gosh friend, what a lovely piece of work. I’m glad you’ve saved it. Also nice that you’ve shared a little bit more of what your personal experience has been over the years. Just goes to show we’re not alone when it comes to having to let things go as our health demands. Just points to feelings that I imagine you’ve had going through that. Knowing myself what it’s been like to let things go although, quilting sure has been a blessing, hasn’t it? Yes. That’s part of your point. 🙂


  8. Gorgeous lace! It should make for a beautiful shawl!

    I quit crocheting when I had so much trouble with my carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. I’ve had both of them worked on and my right hand is 98% and my left hand is 100% functional, but just never got back into crocheting. Quilting is my love now. But I used plain old yarn–never anything as lovely as your lace.


  9. So sad that you can no longer crochet, your work is amazing – this piece will make a beautiful stole. You are a continual inspiration with the quilts though and it’s good that you were able to find another hobby that makes you as happy 🙂


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