Five 9-Patches

Five little nine-patch blocks that finish at 3″. That’s all that I’ve managed to stitch the past two evenings. But at least now there are only 9 left to make and I feel relatively confident that those 9 will be finished before the weekend is over.

Pressed, but seams not graded yet. I’m starting to detect a pattern here of not grading seams right away. I know I’m going to regret this if I don’t shape up and get back to doing that as I finish blocks.

One more day and night of this insane workload and then I can relax. But somehow I have a feeling I’ll be hard-pressed to even make one little nine-patch block tonight. Today is going to be the worst of the days of this particular project. I missed last night’s World Series game and chances are I’ll also miss tonight’s.

Baxter had some kitty friends over to watch the game. Of course, they’re all cheering for the Tigers — after all, tigers are big kitties!

The window cleaners still haven’t come to do our windows, but Baxter is keeping watch for them.

5 thoughts on “Five 9-Patches

  1. These toons just CRACK me up!~ lol
    I see a little crature sneaking round the bookshelf to get a seat too! Some game… 🙂

    Cathi, your blocks are so bright and cheerful. I loved seeing your Hunter’s Star! You were the first to make one, but that is no surprise there.
    I’m sorry your workload has been so full, but maybe it will soon slow down for you. Seems to always be feast or famine in anything work related.


    • Your fingers seem very busy to me! You must have been cooing Baxter as you took this picture he is smiling and perky and do I see that one foot curling happily


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