Stormy Seas Block 25

I was surprised when I realized I now have 25 blocks finished. Only 17 more to go. Maybe this weekend I’ll put the 25 up on the design wall just to get a feel for how they look so far. Maybe I shouldn’t though ’cause that might just tempt me into thinking that a 45″ centre is big enough. I don’t want to do that as I have all the pieces ready to stitch for the remaining 17 blocks.

Pressed but seams not graded yet.

The Hunter’s Star quilt that I showed yesterday now has a name – Jelly Beans. Thanks to Linda Franz’ blog post yesterday, it has a name, that is. And I think it’s the perfect name. And the perfect quilt for me to work on as we go into the grey tunnel of winter. I’m no doubt about to start my winter lament any day now. I can’t wait till we get past December and the days start getting longer again.

The next two days are going to be long, long days at the computer. Not much stitching will get done. But I’m hoping to maybe get the last of the little colourful nine-patch blocks done. I only have 10 of the 9-patches left to make so maybe, just maybe, by the time the weekend is out I’ll have them finished. I will still have a huge stack of them that need the triangles added to set them on point, but that’s fun, quick stitching, perfect for watching baseball games.

Baxter’s ready for the game tonight. I’m just hoping I finish work early enough to watch some of it.

The window cleaners didn’t arrive yesterday but Baxter was on patrol on the windowsill watching, just in case. I can’t wait for them to show up as the windows are definitely in need of cleaning.

7 thoughts on “Stormy Seas Block 25

  1. Storm at Sea has been on my ‘to do’ list for ages, and yours is so pretty! One day……Baxter, don’t let those window washers sneak by without checking them out, will you?


  2. Nice Storm blocks! You are so close to having so many quilts completed that you’ll have to start some new ones soon!
    I can see Baxter is ready for tonight’s action! Go team! Better get Cappie off of the field!


  3. Love your stormy blocks. You have to do all 17 remaining blocks. ‘Cause I want to see them 🙂
    Do you think Baxter will point out spots they miss as they wash the window. After all, he does seem to be the main user of the windows, therefore the most vested in having them be nice a clean 🙂


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