Colourful Little 9-Patches

The stack of 9-patch blocks on point has been growing. Not rapidly, but slow and steady growth. There are some evenings I work on something more complex and just want an easy stitch, and that’s when these get made. There will be 140 or so of them.

It will be a fun and colourful little quilt.

I’m grading the blocks as I make them. Even with these little blocks, it makes a big difference.

The blocks finish at 4.25″. When I was making Twinklingo Stars, I printed lots of the little squares thinking I might use them all in a border. As it turned out, I had many left over. That was when I decided to do the 9-patches on point and turn them into their own little quilt.

There’s a magical moment in the late afternoons at this time of year when the sun hits the buildings across the street from us and bathes them in a wonderful pink glow. We were lucky enough to get this shot on Tuesday.

Baxter waiting patiently for a treat.

Afterwards he looked quite satisfied and maybe ready for a nap.

10 thoughts on “Colourful Little 9-Patches

  1. They are wonderful and it has given me an idea for my 92 year old mother, to print some of these up and give them to her to hand piece. She was just talking about going to her small quilt group and knitting because she doesn’t have any fabric anymore or something to work on and this would be the perfect thing for her to work on, very easy stitching, and can accomplish a block in no time!
    Baxter looks like he has just filled his little belly with yogurt! Nothing like food and a nap to keep a cat happy!


  2. Love the 9 patch Cathi. What size are the triangles and which collection are they from? I love the photos of Baxter. Makes me realise how much i miss my 23 year old cat who died nearly a year ago.


  3. Oh my goodness… that view across from you has to be so inspiring and changing with the seasons! wow! You know the CITY QUILTS book, by Cheri… gosh too tired to get up, but you know who I’m speaking of. I can see a whole line of quilts being inspired by such a view and the changing colours!
    That Baxter is too funny! I thought you said you could not “cue” him… hmmmmm… I’d rethink!


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