More Not So Silent Garden Blocks

I had to get it out of my system – some very careful seam ripping was necessary as I really wanted to see how different the wild floral kaleidoscope star would look with my final choice of fabrics for these stars.

First NSSG 2 IMG_1503wtmk

Remember this one?

NSSG 4 IMG_1574wtmk

What a difference! The lighter, brighter batik for the kites and the pink triangles make this cheerful and far more vibrant, which is exactly the look I was going for, for the wild floral kaleidoscope stars.

NSSG 5 IMG_1570wtmk

I think this one might have looked rather sedate with the other fabrics – not now!

NSSG 3 IMG_1555wtmk

Then I just had to make one more before I go back to sewing all the Silent Garden, Harpsichord and 9-patch blocks in the rotation I’ve got established. And so far, I think this one may be my favourite of the Not So Silent Garden stars.

NSSG 3 Back IMG_1556wtmk

I’ve been grading the seams as I go while sewing these Not So Silent Garden stars. It really does make a big difference in the blocks, so I’m going to now grade the seams of all the Tranquil Garden and brown & blue garden stars that I’ve made so far.

I’ve been busy printing too – lots of the kites and irregular hexagons for the Not So Silent Garden stars but still have loads left to print.

Spring has finally arrived. While there may not be leaves on the trees yet, it looks like the daffodils will open this week. The robins are back. The cardinals have been serenading us. On the weekend the mourning doves were sitting on a tree branch right outside our living room window for a while – I thought I’d heard them, so it was nice to see them. And the little redheaded woodpecker is back. Watching that tiny bird fascinates me. I think I got a decent picture of it, but now I’ve got to find the cord for the camera I used as I needed its zoom to try to get that picture.

Not A Quiet Gardenwtmk

“Not a Quiet Garden!”

Jake IMG_0882wtmk

Jake has had some things to watch out on the roof garden – finally!

Baxter, April 17, 2018 IMG_1541wtmk

Baxter really knows how to relax.


9 thoughts on “More Not So Silent Garden Blocks

  1. Your stars just sparkle now!!
    Yes, spring is slowly coming, the leaves haven’t arrived yet here either, but it will be 86 today!! Then storms and maybe hail, sounds like spring may be skipped to summer!


    • That’s exactly the effect I wanted – sparkling stars! 🙂 What a slow start to spring this has been. I wish we were about to have a day in the 80s – but that won’t happen here for a while yet.




  2. Your weather is similar to ours in the Chicago area a lot of the time. I have Jonquils that may open this week. The red bud trees have tight little pink buds and would usually have started blooming by now. It’s a good thing we have the color in our quilting fabrics while we wait for the spring colors to appear.


    • The blocks are lovely with the pink kites. Glad spring is on its way for you. Going to the Valley Tulip Festival here in Chilliwack today. I hope the tulips aren’t too done. We had a very warm week last week and then a weekend of rain so it really excelerated the tulips. Hope the rain didn’t beat them down and they’re still ok. So nice to see thousands of tulips, all colours and varieties. Very springy!


    • I think our climate is somewhat similar, although yours warms up faster than ours. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those years that we go from having the heat on in the morning to the air conditioning on by mid-afternoon when we go from early spring temps to mid-summer temps in the blink of an eye.

      You’re absolutely right – we do need the colour of our quilting fabrics to help get past the remaining grey days before all the spring and summer colours of nature take over.




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