Tranquil Garden Row 2 Blocks

It is much quicker to get the blocks ready for the vertical alternate rows of the Silent Garden tops. It seems it’s so much quicker that I almost forget to take pictures before they’re joined, as I did for the brown & blue ones. For the Tranquil Garden blocks I did remember – but only just in time!

Tranquil Garden 2-1 IMG_1458wtmk

And I am not picking favourites.


Because it’s impossible.


Except – I think that maybe out of the blocks in row 2, this one may just be my favourite.

Tranquil Garden 2-4 IMG_1466wtmk

Although – hmm, maybe this – no, I am not starting down this rocky road. This is exactly why I said I wasn’t picking favourites. It’s impossible to pick just one.


While most of them are predominantly blue or pink, some of them are a mixture and others have mostly green in the centres.


My fussy cutting/printing wasn’t quite perfect for these stars. They’re not too far off, but are just quirky enough that I think it adds a little bit of character.


This is one of the few that has really no pink or blue in it at all.

Tranquil Garden Alternate Block 2-8 IMG_1593wtmk

When I was laying out the stars, I realized I had enough to make the Tranquil Garden top a bit longer than the brown and blue Silent Garden top. So then I quickly added the setting pieces to the final alternate block for row 2. What a difference taking the photo on a piece of batting as opposed to that hot pink batik makes – I think I prefer the stars against the batik.

Nighty Nightwtmk

“Nighty Night”

The leaves are finally starting to make an appearance and soon we’ll have our lovely curtain of green mostly hiding the office tower on the other end of the complex.

Jake, May 11, 2018 IMG_1633wtmk

And there has been lots for Jake to watch out on the roof garden.

Baxter on Scratching Boardwtmk

Baxter has spring fever. He has been racing around the apartment, tossing toys in the air, meowing for more and more playtime and, of course, hiding his favourite toys so that we have to crawl around on the floor, looking under furniture for them. And then he crashes on the corrugated cardboard scratching surface in the middle of this toy. He sleeps there often. I can’t even begin to understand why as that has to be uncomfortable, especially in comparison to his little house or a nice soft spot on the couch.

4 thoughts on “Tranquil Garden Row 2 Blocks

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    I’ve wondered the same at my fur children. But, I think it has more to do with possession (I’m on it so you can’t use it), than comfort. And that fur coat has to have its benefits.

    Happy Spring.


    • I think you’re right – they do like to stake possession of something like that. The fur coat has to help as a buffer between their skin and hard, uneven surfaces like that cardboard but sheesh …

      It is SO nice now that spring has finally arrived here! There were moments when I thought it might never get here!




  2. Such a lovely choice of fabrics, and the pink is perfect as the background. Funny cats, one of ours, old Felicity, is now sleeping at the back of Hugh’s laptop desk, on cords and a external hard drive. I added 4 layers of a thick fleece blanket to give her old bones some comfort. Possession, wherever they are, lately the fire has a huge attraction, the new stray that has adopted us… was right on the hearth the other day, and waved his very fluffy tail against the hot glass!!!


  3. It’s going to be beautiful Cathi. Glad spring has come to TO. It was 33C here yesterday and very hot again today!


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