Finding the Repeat

I went back in my blog archives and found a couple of other projects I’d made with Inklingo no-waste fussy cutting/printing and fabrics that were perhaps not obvious candidates.


The first one was made using this fabric that I never really liked but yet, when fussy cut/printed …


… turned into the 3″ LeMoyne Stars in this little 12″ top.


Then there was this fabric that was in my stash forever as I could never figure out quite what to do with it until I decided to try a window template on it of the .5″/1″ star points.


That was exactly the right project for that fabric. I love these little star points that surround the .5″ hexagons in the centre of each star. Finding this picture reminded me that that’s another project that’s sitting in a little project box, just waiting for its turn to be finished.

I’ve been reorganizing my stash. I decided to take a good look at fabrics that I had yardage of with enough repeats for fussy cutting/printing. I’m not likely to use all of them for that, but having them all in one place will make it easier to audition them with window templates when I decide I want to start a new project. The repeats on these fabrics range from 5.75″ all the way up to 23.5″.

Paisley IMG_1688wtmk

Of course a paisley always captures my attention when I think of fussy cutting/printing.

5.75 Paisley Repeat IMG_1687wtmk

This one has a 5.75 ” repeat.

11.5 Repeat IMG_1691wtmk

This fabric has been in my stash for ages. I look at it with a window template every time I start thinking about a no-waste fussy cutting/printing project and every time it goes back. I know the right project will come along at some point and I’ll love the results. It has a 11.5″ repeat. Part of the challenge with this fabric will be finding the perfect colours to use with it. Mr. Q.O. says lime green is what I need as the neutral with this, so I’m going through my stash to see if I have anything that is lime green to try with it.

5.75 Repeat IMG_1681wtmk

I know this may not look like it, but with the right design this could make for some very effective blocks. This one has a 5.75″ repeat.

11 3:8 Repeat IMG_1692wtmk

This is another one that will be auditioned many times with its 11 3/8″ repeat.

8 Repeat IMG_1686wtmk

This gorgeous pink fabric may not work, but I will keep auditioning it. It has an 8″ repeat and I think that, with just the right shape, it might make for some really interesting fussy cut/printed blocks.

23.5 Repeat IMG_1682wtmk

A 23.5″ repeat? No, not a great candidate at all and I definitely don’t have anywhere near enough yardage of it for six repeats of anything, let alone anything more. I adore this fabric and think it may end up being the border for a pretty purple and green quilt at some point. But for now, it stays with the yardage for possible fussy cutting/printing mostly because I want to make sure I don’t start using little bits of it in other projects.

14 Repeat IMG_1694wtmk

This one has the second largest repeat, being a 14″ one. I think it could turn into something quite fabulous.

Blue and Cream Fabric IMG_1677wtmk

I  absolutely love this blue and cream fabric. And I don’t know why, but I keep thinking that fussy cutting/printing just the right shape might turn into something very interesting.

7 7:8 RepeatIMG_1676wtmk

The repeat on this one is 7 7/8″. Whatever I end up making with this, whether it involves fussy cutting or not, I know it’s going to be one of my all-time favourites.

7.75 Repeat IMG_1690wtmk

This one has a 7.75″ repeat so will work for fussy cutting/printing quite nicely.

11 5:8 Repeat IMG_1678wtmk

This one intrigues me and I may just try it with some window templates to get an idea what would happen with it if fussy cut/printed, just for fun, as it has a repeat that’s 11 5/8″.

Paisley IMG_1675wtmk

I saved the best for last – this gorgeous paisley!

8.75 Repeat Paisley IMG_1695wtmk

With its 8.75″ repeat, it’s quite likely to be the one I work with next, when I find just the right project for fussy cutting as it is just so wonderfully busy that every block would be different.

There may be a few more fabrics that will get moved into the fussy cutting candidates bin. I’m going to have a good look at fabrics that I have sort of dismissed as being not very interesting now that I’ve been reminded, by looking at those projects in my archives, that even those fabrics can turn into some fabulous blocks when fussy cut/printed.

The leaves are out on the trees on the roof garden and it definitely feels like summer is coming. This weekend is the Victoria Day weekend which, even though it’s not summer yet, has always been thought of as the first long weekend of the summer. It looks as though we may even have decent weather this year for the Victoria Day weekend, which is a lovely bonus.

I’ll have one of the Silent Garden stacks of shapes ready when I get up at o’dark thirty tomorrow morning to watch the royal wedding.

quilting lab1wtmk

“Quilting Labs”

Jake, May 15, 2018 IMG_1673wtmk

Jake has been busy watching out the window.

Baxter, May 15, 2018 IMG_1658wtmk

As has Baxter. He gets very intent when he sees a squirrel or a bird on the lawn.

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