Finding the Repeat

I went back in my blog archives and found a couple of other projects I’d made with Inklingo no-waste fussy cutting/printing and fabrics that were perhaps not obvious candidates. The first one was made using this fabric that I never … Continue reading

The Flower I’ve Been Waiting For!

Earlier this week, I saw a picture on Wanda’s blog, Exuberant Color, of a shaggy orange coneflower. The link will take you to that specific post, so just scroll down a bit until you see the picture of the shaggy … Continue reading

Flying Fabric

The tea rose still isn’t finished! Why? It seems I decided to start looking for possible backgrounds for flowers and got lost pulling fabrics for hours. Fabrics were flying through the air on to the stack of possibilities because as … Continue reading

Friday Fabric Picks

For some reason, this group of fabrics is really calling to me.  Somehow a small square or round table mat that could be under a centrepiece keeps coming to mind along with a set of placemats.

This second group is one that I think I’d like to use for a small quilt, possibly of hexagons and stars.  I was actually hunting for my container full of hexagons, with no success, when I started looking at fabrics on Thursday evening.  I got an idea when I started playing with some of the layout pages in the new free Inklingo Hexagon Quilt Design Book which was released on Thursday.  Guess this means the coloured pencils will be in use again unless I become proficient in EQ overnight.  This weekend I am going to spend some time trying to get to the point I can do some things in EQ.  It sounds like it’s going to be an incredibly hot and humid weekend, so perhaps it’s a good time to attempt to learn it.

Thursday night, we were invited to go see Winnie.  She refuses to allow anyone to groom her and her fur mats terribly, so periodically the lion cut is the only solution.

Mr. Q.O. found this video of the lyre bird on YouTube.  It is really quite amazing to hear how well the bird imitates so many sounds — definitely worth a watch!

Along with trying to learn EQ this weekend, I plan to get the pieced blocks for the baby quilt finished so that it will be just a matter of stitching them together with the joining shapes.

On Thursday, Lester had some windowsill time.

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