A Daffodil!

While I thought I was making a gaillardia or, as it’s more commonly known, a blanket flower, it seems I wasn’t. When I finished and was pressing this last night I realized it reminded me more of a daffodil than … Continue reading

Block 18 for the Garden Gone Wild Quilt

I’m getting very close to the end of making flowers for my Garden Gone Wild quilt! Only two more to go after this one. What is block 18? It’s a zinnia. But it’s not just any zinnia. This one is … Continue reading


Before I started down the path of making my garden of ribbon flowers, I had never heard of a ranunculus. Thank you to those who suggested it! I’m glad to have this one added to my garden as I did … Continue reading

Flowers and More Flowers

I didn’t mean to disappear for a week, but the latest ribbon flower became a real challenge when it came to finding just the right fabrics for it. I thought I had the perfect pinks chosen for it as they … Continue reading

Very Little To Show

There were some fabulous comments on Wednesday’s post – thank you to everyone as I have had lots to think about and flowers to look up on the Internet! I am behind in answering comments, but will get caught up … Continue reading

Tour of the Garden

I had to make some decisions about what other flowers to include in the Garden Gone Wild quilt. To do that, I needed to have a good look at what has bloomed already. So I went on a tour of … Continue reading

Petunia Ribbon Flower

Sewing the petunia flower was very fast. In fact, it was the quickest I’ve put together a ribbon flower yet, so the sewing sequence I identified with the last one does make a difference for me. I’ll do a post … Continue reading

A New Flower for the Garden – Perhaps a Clematis? Correction – it’s Impatiens!

The latest ribbon flower was started on Tuesday and this time I’ve tried to keep track of how long it took to sew one. I got these segments pieced in about six hours. In the process, I think I’ve discovered … Continue reading

Shaggy Orange Coneflower

I fell in love with the idea of the shaggy orange coneflower for my Gardens Gone Wild quilt when I first saw a picture of it on Wanda’s blog. And now finally it’s done. There is one batik in this … Continue reading

Sorbet Peony Ribbon Flower

This one is my very favourite ribbon flower so far. It’s a peony which is definitely my very favourite flower, and a variety of peony that’s new to me – a sorbet peony. It’s pink, which is, of course, my … Continue reading