Block 18 for the Garden Gone Wild Quilt

I’m getting very close to the end of making flowers for my Garden Gone Wild quilt! Only two more to go after this one. What is block 18? It’s a zinnia.

Zinderella Zinniawtmk

But it’s not just any zinnia. This one is called the Zinderella Zinnia. Who could resist a flower with that name? When I saw pictures of it, I knew it had to be part of my quilt!

Zinderella Zinnia backwtmk

The back. Once again, it’s pressed but the seams are not yet graded. It seems I’m definitely leaving the grading of the seams for the very end. When I have all 20 blocks done, then I’ll grade the seams on the blocks that I’ve not done yet.

Now there are only two blocks left to make for the Garden Gone Wild quilt. The shapes are all printed and ready to sew. One will be the Mesa Peach gaillardia. Once I started looking up the gaillardia I realized it wasn’t that surprising I’d never heard of it as I don’t think it’s a flower that would be easily grown here. But I love the look of that one and it’s going to be in my quilted garden because my garden has the perfect climate for any flower. The final one? I’m not sure quite what it is yet but I know what fabrics are in it and I’m really happy with the look I’m getting with them.

It’s a good thing I’m getting close to the end as it’s becoming more difficult to find background fabrics for each of the flowers in my stash. I’ve made all the flowers from stash and I think I have the perfect setting fabric for the quilt in my stash as well.

Lobby Flowers October 13wtmk

The current elevator lobby flowers.

Big Zwtmk

“Big Z.”

Baxter & Jake, October 15, 2017wtmk

It’s not all that often that we can get a photo of Baxter and Jake together so when we saw them sitting like this Sunday night, we had to take the picture fast.


16 thoughts on “Block 18 for the Garden Gone Wild Quilt

    • Thank you! The block is not that difficult to sew, but fabric choices make a big difference with it. I’m using mostly batiks as they are so much finer than most quilting cottons and that helps when dealing with the 12 pieces intersecting at the centre.




  1. Think this one might be my favourite but then I think that with each one. It is going to be an amazing quilt.

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  2. Again Cathi, you’ve surpassed yourself. It’s gorgeous as are the elevator lobby flowers. The Big Z Bakery is so creative. Can’t wait to see the whole quilt.


  3. Oh my Cathi, I love the contrast!! I’ll say it again… you deffinetly have a way with fabric play..
    getting cold here in N.D. we have had a few hard frosts…. moving the horses to the North shelter belt…
    Have cut and brought in all the herbs..
    the veggie garden is ready for next spring..
    Spring time is for flowers!! Can’t wait to see this quilt finished.


    • Thank you! It has been fun trying to find the right fabrics for the flowers. I am excited about seeing the finished top as well although I’m not sure how quickly I’ll get it done as it may be challenging finding the right setting fabrics.




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