Before I started down the path of making my garden of ribbon flowers, I had never heard of a ranunculus. Thank you to those who suggested it!


I’m glad to have this one added to my garden as I did need some yellow flowers and I love its cheerfulness.

ranunculus backwtmk

The back, after pressing but before grading the seams. I seem to be leaving grading the seams to the end on most of the blocks. Maybe it’s because I’m getting anxious to get to that 20th block!

I’ve begun the next block, the Zinderella Zinnia. Then I have one more pink one and I’m also going to add a gaillardia to the garden. Thank you to Joanne for suggesting that one! That will take the total to 20 blocks. With any luck, I’ll have the flowers completed by the end of the month.

There have been a few questions lately about where to get the pattern for the Ribbon Flower block. I’m using the Inklingo Ribbon Flower collection to print the shapes on the back of my fabrics to make this block. I can’t imagine making it any other way as having the matching points and perfect stitching lines makes it easier to make this block than it may appear.

Lobby Flowerswtmk

The elevator lobby flowers. I love this arrangement.

Humungulous Ranunculus wtmk

“Humungulous Ranunculus.”

Jake October 10, 2017wtmk

Jake seems to be getting more used to me taking pictures of him.

Baxter on printerwtmk

Baxter has a tendency to curl up on top of Mr. Q.O.’s printer. He has lovely soft places on which to curl up, like couches and chairs, but often chooses this hard printer on which to snooze.

12 thoughts on “Ranunculus

  1. When you are done with all these beautiful flowers are you going to makes one big beautiful quilt or will keep colors together? Will you show us finished product? Can’t wait to see it!


    • All the flowers will be part of the quilt top. And yes, I’ll definitely be showing the finished top! But that may be a while, as I need to find the perfect setting fabric and decide on a layout. When I do the quilts of zinnias, hibiscus and possibly other hothouse flowers, they will be separate and smaller quilts.




  2. Wow, spectacular!! The yellows will certainly be a wonderful accent to your garden!
    I think Jake has given up and just accepted the camera is coming after him, LOL!
    Baxter probably likes the coolness of the printer. My cats love to nest on plastic art bins that I keep projects in and specifically the ones I need to open to get a project out of.


    • I think I may end up adding two more yellow flowers to the garden. One for sure, two possibly. Baxter loves to sit up there – and gets rather indignant when we want him to move.




    • Thank you! Finding just the right fabrics in my stash for each flower has been challenging, so when they work as well as they did for this flower I’m thrilled!


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