Very Little To Show

There were some fabulous comments on Wednesday’s post – thank you to everyone as I have had lots to think about and flowers to look up on the Internet! I am behind in answering comments, but will get caught up over the weekend.  One of the recurring themes in the comments was regarding white flowers and yes, I’d love to include some white flowers but I am concerned that they would just end up looking like a hole in the quilt. A yellow flower or two I think I can definitely manage, although I don’t tend to have a lot of yellow in my stash.

With all the different flowers I’ve been pondering and looking up, I’ve not done as much sewing as I had hoped. However, I have done a lot of ripping out of stitches. Throughout the making of the ribbon flowers I’ve found that there have been times when I’ve ended up printing a lot of different fabrics for one flower before finding the ones that are just right for the look of the flower I”m making. When that has happened, the pieces that ended up not being used for that flower have eventually found their way into another flower.

Various Pink Pieceswtmk

This latest pink flower that I’m making has been the most difficult yet. These are just some of the pieces that have been printed for it. All but two of the ones in this photo ended up rejected. What looks like a fabric combination that works when the pieces of fabric are pulled sometimes doesn’t quite work when cut into the small shapes and then sewn together into the block. So I rip out stitches. And then I sometimes do it again and again.

The petunia and impatiens blocks were made with shapes that had been discarded from use in previous blocks in this exact sort of process. So I do feel quite confident that all those rejected pink shapes will end up in a flower at some point.

Other Pieceswtmk

Other than the pink pieces, these are the only other pieces that are still waiting for the perfect flower in which to be included.

ripping out stitcheswtmk

“Ripping out Stitches.”

Jake late September 2017wtmk

Jake was enjoying some late September sunshine. Our last gasp of summer heat and humidity left and we’re back to having the heat on in the evenings.

Baxter, late September 2017wtmk

Baxter still has many things to keep an eye on out on the roof garden as well although in this photo he was looking at something on my desk.

4 thoughts on “Very Little To Show

  1. Maybe you could use some of those orphan pieces with white and make a variegated flower making sure that the darker colors are on the edges with just a touch of white in them. There are zinnias like that.
    The toon is hilarious, if a saw has to come into the picture, you really are ripping out! LOL!

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  2. I have to agree with Sara, about the saw. And a can opener! Wooooo….. serious stuff there, although in surgery, stitches usually are put in, not taken out.
    And Baxter is such a serious man. Obviously, “it” needs the “Baxter stamp of approval” in your household, whatever “it” is.
    Looking at your reject pile, take the orange piece and find several other pieces and do a value progression–either lighter or darker. Same for the others actually.
    White flowers could have a colored throat, or be really white in the center and then progress to a pale color at the outer edge. I’ve been looking at mine and think that there might be some embroidery of anthers and stamens in the center of them. Or some French knots. Beads? tiny buttons? or is this going to be a bed quilt?


  3. Cathi, I like the idea of a flower spare parts department……you can pick and choose! As the previous comments say, there are many flowers which have white in them without being all white – Double Delight rose is one which comes to mind. Hello to Jake and Baxter, while you are cooling down Bianca is warming up!


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