Tour of the Garden

I had to make some decisions about what other flowers to include in the Garden Gone Wild quilt. To do that, I needed to have a good look at what has bloomed already.

So I went on a tour of my garden. Want to come along?

The first group I saw had the impatiens (which is now sewn to its background fabric), sorbet peony, tea rose and Asiatic lily.

Next I found the cornflower, morning glory, periwinkle and wisteria.

Then the shaggy orange coneflower, marigold and chrysanthemum.

The final group I saw has the petunia, iris, anemone and sweet pea.

That’s 15 flowers that have bloomed and I’ve just printed the shapes for the 16th flower.  No hints about what it is yet other than it is a pink flower.

That leaves four more flowers to add to the quilt. Even though I’m contemplating the idea of doing a small quilt of just zinnias, the Zinderella zinnia will be one as will a ranunculus. A red rose is another I’m thinking about adding, if I can find the right reds in my stash to make one. If the red rose is included, then I’m down to one final flower to add to the garden. I know I’m going to be spending all sorts of time looking at flowers online over the next few days while I try to decide just what that flower will be.

I’ll pull fabrics for the Zinderella zinnia, ranunculus and – hopefully – the red rose between now and the end of the weekend and get the shapes printed so that I have lots of sewing ahead of me.

What would you add as the 19th and possibly 20th flower if this were your garden? I’m still thinking about possibly needing to add two new ideas as I’m not at all sure I have just the right reds for a rose for my garden, although I have what I think is the perfect background fabric for a red rose.

garden tourwtmk

“Garden Tour”

Jake September 26, 2017wtmk

Jake was curious about the phone this time and I was having no trouble getting a photo of him.

Baxter 5wtmk

We have had the most incredible stretch of hot and humid days for late September, so all the lawn furniture has been left out and people are still enjoying spending time on the roof garden. Which, of course, means Baxter has to keep his eye on things out there.

17 thoughts on “Tour of the Garden

  1. The seeds you planted, patiently tended, planned, are beautiful! You are a master gardener! It’s so nice to see the entire garden together! Tasha Tudor said that if you plant small areas with the same colors or flowers, it’s much more effective. What a wow factor!

    I love dahlias and some of these remind me of the dahlias here. Their petal patterns. I think your renderings are very effective. I can see each one very clearly.

    I’d love to go on mr q.o.’s garden tour! What a fun bunch… I can hear the chatter in the toon and movement, he’s amazing. I always enjoy the toons.

    Handsome kitties. Mine loves to watch the birds here.

    I’m on pins and needles, waiting to see what is added next. Thank you for your lovely blog.




  2. I think of our garden as a series of seasons. Early spring is Lilacs and Iris- japanese puple and yellow.Then comes roses – pink and some white beach roses. Then comes summer with apple blossoms, clematis and more bulbs that are yellow and I do not know what they are called, and tiger lilies. Then comes August with Cosmos and finally winter daisies, which we call Montauk daisies because they grow in profusion all over the east end of Long Island. There are others I am missing Im sure but I need another cup of tea.
    So I am thinking you are missing some white and yellow/orange? oh yes we have sunflowers!!


  3. These blocks are just lovely! If you can take another suggestion from me … like someone on the blog said, a yellow or white group would be nice. Dahlias, sunflowers, narcissus and calendulas all come in these colors, many double and with mixed colors. A big fluffy dahlia or narcissus with yellow/white petals would be beautiful.


  4. Cathi, I love all the blocks. When I plant my garden in the spring, I always include yellow. It is such a bright and happy colour. And I include white as well. I have read the above comments and note others would like yellow and white as well. Lots of flowers to choose from. That is the best picture of Jake yet. His eyes are gorgeous.


  5. I’ve been trying to remember the name of the rose I used to have, but it was a fire-ry red-orange. It was a patio standard (translation: mini-tree rose). I would plant some yellows in my garden, and a limey-yellow would be a surprise. You don’t have a sunflower, and I don’t have a monopoly on them. There are some lovely yellow roses, day lilies, calendula, pansies, coreopsis, mmm…. I don’t have many yellow flowers. They seem to like the sunny spots, and those I do have seem to be deer candy.


  6. Gorgeous, and I cannot find another word to describe them, every one a stunner. I have a “winter rose” or Hellebore plant that is almost a lime green, but quite pale? Would that fit in with the glorious pinks, purples and oranges? This is going to be the quilt of the year!!! No wonder they are all holing up a hand to welcome us on the tour!!


  7. I have enjoyed seeing them on facebook when Linda posts a link. It’s striking to see them all together like that. How long does it take you to piece each one?

    How about the high contrast of one of the Gaillardia flowers. I used to have the red and yellow variety, but there are others that are orange and yellow.


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