Petunia Ribbon Flower


Sewing the petunia flower was very fast. In fact, it was the quickest I’ve put together a ribbon flower yet, so the sewing sequence I identified with the last one does make a difference for me. I’ll do a post on the sewing sequence when I get started on the next ribbon flower.

Petunia backwtmk

The back of the petunia. It’s pressed, but the seams are yet to be graded.

Next? Next I have to decide what other flowers are going to be included in the Gardens Gone Wild quilt. Once that’s done I’ll have to get busy picking out fabrics for each flower and then getting the shapes printed. I know there are likely two other flower quilts that will be made, possibly more. When I started looking at zinnias, I was quite drawn to some of the varieties and so think that a small top of zinnias alone may be in the offing along with the tropical hibiscus top.

Lobby Flowers September 23, 2017wtmk

The weekend flowers in the elevator lobby.

Lonely Petuniawtmk

“Lonely little petunia.”  Today’s ‘toon was inspired by the song “I’m a lonely little petunia in an onion patch.”

Jake September 24, 2017wtmk

Jake was watching something out on the roof garden yesterday.

Baxter September 24, 2017wtmk

Baxter was more intent on getting close to the camera.


28 thoughts on “Petunia Ribbon Flower

  1. Will you talk a little about grading the seams? Or do you have
    That on another post? Loving the flowers! I have only recently found your blog.


    • I will write something about the grading of seams. I learned to do that from Linda Franz – it’s taught in her Quilted Diamonds books. There are a few reasons to grade seams. In the case of a block like the ribbon flower where there are 12 seams converging in the middle, grading the seams really helps cut down on the bulk and make it easy to get a block that lies flat after pressing.


  2. I think this one may be the prettiest of the bunch so far! All are beautiful, but the shading of the purple fabrics is really wonderful. Plus, I’m a huge fan of purple, so there! 🙂


    • Thank you! Those fabrics really were meant to go together, I think. I love that combining batiks and regular quilting cotton in a block like this can add something a little bit extra when it comes to shading.




  3. That is gorgeous! The colours are so rich. The elevator lobby flowers are beautiful! That florist would so appreciate your Garden of Flowers Gone Wild. Maybe some day you’ll meet. I also like Baxter’s close-up.


    • Thank you! It seems that this one is the best flower – so far.

      You are the only person who has noticed Baxter’s little nose whiskers in that photo. They fascinate me and I love trying to get a picture of them.




  4. Hi Cathi, how beautiful this one is. It reminds me of a suncatcher, the stained glass ones…. like I said… your fantastic with fabric placement.
    My horses do that when I take pictures of them…. they put their muzzle right up to my phone… lol… drives me batty because I can hardly get a good picture of them…


    • Thank you! Putting these flowers together has made me really appreciate my stash! I love pulling fabrics for a flower once I have an idea in mind.

      Baxter is determined to put his nose right on the phone and he can be VERY insistent!




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