Nightfire Hibiscus Ribbon Flower

My version of a nightfire hibiscus is now done. I’ve graded the seams as well and pressed it. But I haven’t added a background fabric as I’m now pretty convinced that I will be making an exotic garden ribbon flower … Continue reading

The Delphinium – now Cornflower Ribbon Flower

There were times when I thought I’d never finish this flower as one of the batiks in it was really, really difficult to needle. It made me very glad that the Roxanne needles come in a tube of 50 as … Continue reading

Printing and Printing and Printing Some More

After printing the shapes for the nightfire hibiscus on Wednesday, yesterday I decided I’d get the shapes printed on the fabrics I’ve picked for the next group of flowers. The first thing I did was choose the fabric and print … Continue reading

Is This The Beginning of a Hothouse Flower Quilt?

I decided I wanted to look for a few flowers that had more than just shades of one colour and thought pink and purple would be a good place to start. That led me down a path I didn’t expect … Continue reading

Tea Rose

The flower I kept saying I’d get to is finally done – the tea rose! When I started looking at pictures of tea roses online, I was captivated by all the variations. So this is very likely not the only … Continue reading

The Flower I’ve Been Waiting For!

Earlier this week, I saw a picture on Wanda’s blog, Exuberant Color, of a shaggy orange coneflower. The link will take you to that specific post, so just scroll down a bit until you see the picture of the shaggy … Continue reading

Flying Fabric

The tea rose still isn’t finished! Why? It seems I decided to start looking for possible backgrounds for flowers and got lost pulling fabrics for hours. Fabrics were flying through the air on to the stack of possibilities because as … Continue reading

Morning Glory & A Lily

My morning glory is perhaps a bit more blue than in nature and who knows, I may change my mind about what flower this is. I want some blue flowers in my quilt and morning glory seemed like one I … Continue reading

A Wander Through The Garden

I decided to take a look at the flowers that have bloomed so far as I decide what other flowers to add to the Gardens Gone Wild quilt. So far there’s the iris, anemone and sweet pea. Then the marigold … Continue reading