Nightfire Hibiscus Ribbon Flower

Nightfire Hibiscuswtmk

My version of a nightfire hibiscus is now done.

Nightfire Hibiscus backwtmk

I’ve graded the seams as well and pressed it. But I haven’t added a background fabric as I’m now pretty convinced that I will be making an exotic garden ribbon flower quilt as well as the Gardens Gone Wild quilt. I started looking at the different varieties of hibiscus and – well, I think I could possibly be making a hibiscus quilt rather than an exotic garden one but, until I decide exactly what I’m doing, I’m not going to add a background so that I leave my options completely open.

The flower which I had tentatively called a delphinium has now been renamed – it’s a cornflower. Thanks to FS who left a comment last week mentioning the cornflower. I looked and the colours of it were far better for that flower!

There was a question from Cherryl asking what I meant by saying that pressing the background over the batiks/prints made the flower stand out more. I don’t know if these pictures will help explain it or not, but here goes.

Blue Ribbon Flowerwtmk

When I made this ribbon flower, I pressed it the way I thought it would be normally pressed with the seam allowances of the prints pressed over the background fabric and the background fabric seam allowance pressed back on itself. The flower, to me, seems to almost sink into the background fabric and doesn’t stand out quite as well …


… as it does on the cornflower, which I pressed with the seam allowance of the background fabric pressed over the batiks and the batik seam allowance pressed back on itself. I think that pressing it this way makes the flower stand out just a bit more, almost as if it had been appliquéd rather than pieced.

Flower fabric pressed over backgroundwtmk

This is a close-up of a portion of the back of the first ribbon flower which shows how I pressed that one.

Seam allowance of background ironed over flowerwtmk

And a close-up of a portion of the back of the cornflower, which is how I’ve pressed it and all the rest of the ribbon flower blocks.

Elevator Lobby Flowers Sept. 8:9, 2017wtmk

We had another gorgeous flower arrangement in the elevator lobby on the weekend.

Night Fire Ritualwtmk

“Night Fire Ritual”

Jake, September 9, 2017wtmk

Jake in profile.

Baxter, September 9, 2017wtmk

And Baxter giving me quite the look! I couldn’t resist taking this photo.

14 thoughts on “Nightfire Hibiscus Ribbon Flower

  1. Wow! Stunning, bright flower!

    I will have to order cornflower for my real garden. Your is so very pretty.

    Great execution cathi. I can’t wait to see this quilt put together.

    All the whole, enjoying the toons with great anticipation. Always make me smile. Sandra



    • Thank you!

      Your real garden is going to be exactly the kind of garden I’d love to have, I think.

      The nightfire hibiscus is the first flower of what will be my second flower quilt – all exotic, tropical flowers or just lots and lots of different hibiscus. But I’m back to working on the other ones now.




    • That nightfire hibiscus is definitely a tropical flower and would never ever grow here! The exotic, tropical hibiscus varieties are quite stunning – I’ve spent a lot of time just looking at them as I think they’re out of this world!




  2. Love your hibiscus. A whole quilt of hibiscus would be fabulous. Jake looks so tender and vulnerable in this photo. He has obviously found a loving home with you and Mr QT. Give the elevator lobby florist copious amounts of chocolate or single malts to thank them for their creativity providing such wonderful flowers.


    • I cannot get over the huge variety of hibiscus – I keep looking at them online and am entranced so I think an entire quilt of them would be quite possible, although I do think I’ll make that one somewhat smaller – perhaps a large wallhanging size.

      Jake is a very sweet cat. He was an elder kitty when we adopted him after his previous human had passed away – I’m glad we were able to give him a home.

      We’re not even sure who is doing the lobby flowers now. We’ll have to ask the concierge because I’d love to be able to thank the person!!




    • Thank you! I agree – those are two of the best photos I’ve ever taken of the cats! Jake is a very sweet and pretty cat but it’s hard to get a good photo of him as he seems to be a bit camera shy.




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