Optical Illusion

I have tried – really, really tried – to stay completely focused on piecing the flowers for the Gardens Gone Wild quilt. And really? That hasn’t been much of a problem. Until last week, that is. Last week, the 3.5″ Inklingo clamshell edge collection was released. I would have been okay because I’ve played with half clamshells before – and know that I like sewing them, so the new size alone wouldn’t have drawn me away from the flowers.

It was this optical illusion (which I’m posting with permission from Linda Franz) that was shown on the Inklingo blog post announcing the release of the 3.5″ clamshell edge collection that grabbed my attention and just wouldn’t let go! I tried – oh, how I tried – for quite a few days to file the idea away for future reference and forget about it. Guess what? It didn’t work. I kept going back to the blog post with that illustration over and over and over again.

Printed Half Clamshellswtmk

So finally I gave in and this week I picked out some fabrics for it. In a few seconds last night, I had two sheets of half clamshells printed on each of my three fabrics.

Half Clamshells Cut Outwtmk

A few minutes more and they were all cut out, ready to sew.

Half Clam Unitwtmk

I decided I’d make one block, just to make sure I liked the fabrics I chose.

Back of half clam unitwtmk

Pressed, but seams not yet graded.

Half Clamshell Project Boxwtmk

Now all the pieces that have been printed and cut out so far are tucked away in their project box, along with the thread I’ll be using when I start to sew this in earnest. And the box is going to be the first I pick up when the Gardens Gone Wild top is done. Because I absolutely cannot resist making that optical illusion.

I’m going back to my flowers starting today!



Jake - winking?wtmk

This photo of Jake made me laugh the second I looked at it. I didn’t realize I had caught him midway through a wink or – hmm, is he perhaps trying to show his displeasure at having the camera pointed at him yet again?

Baxter September 5 2017wtmk

Baxter has been very interested in watching the robins out on the roof garden the past few days.

6 thoughts on “Optical Illusion

  1. I’ve always wanted to do a clam shell but it hasn’t happened YET.
    Maybe this winter.
    Progress, progress, progress..
    fall is here in N.E. North Dakota..


    • Clamshells are fun to piece and I love the look of the four-patch clams. I know I’ll make another one of those eventually. Fall isn’t quite here – thankfully! I’ll take these last mild days for as long as they can possibly last!




  2. Ha,ha, I knew you couldn’t resist a new pattern!
    Jake just didn’t know what he signed up for when he moved into your apartment but Baxter loves the camera!


    • I only caved in because I knew I could print and sew one of the half clamshell blocks very quickly. Now that project is tucked away and I’m back to the ribbon flowers!




  3. I like your new clam she’ll but am pretty excited about your Garden Gone Wild and perhaps an exotic flower second version. But then you know I love flowers!


    • I’m definitely going back to working on the flowers. I just had to try making one of the half clamshell blocks to make sure my fabric choices worked the way I thought they did. Now that project is tucked away.




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