The Delphinium – now Cornflower Ribbon Flower


There were times when I thought I’d never finish this flower as one of the batiks in it was really, really difficult to needle. It made me very glad that the Roxanne needles come in a tube of 50 as this was another block that required the sacrifice of a few needles. I’m beginning to think that by the time I finish the 20 blocks for this quilt I may have actually gone through an entire tube of needles. I’m now wondering though – is it a zinnia or a scabiosa rather than a delphinium? I’d love to read your thoughts on that.

Edited to Add:  Question answered – thanks to FS! It’s a cornflower!

One of the batiks I’m going to use for the shaggy orange coneflower is also very difficult to needle, so I’m definitely going to be using some Thimblelady needles when I piece it.

Delphinium Backwtmk

The back, after pressing and grading the seams, although I know it’s very difficult to see that the seams are graded as the batiks are all so alike.

Lobby Flowers Labour Day Weekendwtmk

The elevator lobby flowers were changed for the Labour Day weekend. I love this arrangement.

Delphi croppedwtmk

“Delphinium at Delphi”

Jake September 3wtmk

Jake was keeping his back to the television when we were watching baseball on the weekend.

Baxter September 3, 2017wtmk

Baxter was much more interested in watching something out on the roof garden.

17 thoughts on “The Delphinium – now Cornflower Ribbon Flower

    • Thank you, Martha! The flowers are almost impossible to stop making – it’s as much fun finding the right fabrics for each one as it is sewing them. The ‘toons crack me up, too – I never know what it will be until I see the finished one.




  1. That flower no matter what you call it is fabulous!! I love those shades of blue!
    And that toon is so funny, has the book been published yet?? It would be a best seller!!
    Maybe Jake just doesn’t like baseball as that pulls attention away from him. And of course Baxter is in his own little world.

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  2. Zinnas don’t come in blues, and scabiosa is usually lavendar/pale purple. I know they say they come in blue, but they don’t look blue to me. Perhaps you have a blue hydrangea.

    Ah yes, the toons. Perhaps you could give us a cast of characters. I’ve figured out Jake and Baxter, but the others??? You know how dangerous it is to guess about some things.

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    • Watch for my post tomorrow – it now does have a name that I think works for it perfectly!!

      Hmm – cast of characters for the ‘toon? I know who some of them are, why they’re included but the others? I’ll have to ask Mr. Q.O.!




  3. I nominate a cornflower, since they come in lovely shades of blue. There is a blue daisy, but it has a yellow center, so that’s a no-go. True blue flowers are rare, esp. of the large, flat variety …the block is beautiful, BTW.

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