Printing and Printing and Printing Some More

After printing the shapes for the nightfire hibiscus on Wednesday, yesterday I decided I’d get the shapes printed on the fabrics I’ve picked for the next group of flowers.

Delphinium Background pieceswtmk

The first thing I did was choose the fabric and print the background pieces for the delphinium flower, which I’m still in the midst of making.


Then I printed all the shapes for a petunia.

Shaggy Orange Coneflowerwtmk

And the wonderful shaggy orange coneflower.

Sorbet Peonywtmk

And then one I know I’m going to love – the sorbet peony.

Pink Flower pieceswtmk

Finally, I needed to print two fabrics with shapes for another pink flower – but I’m not quite sure what that flower is. I had printed some fabrics for this unknown flower and, after putting them together, decided that the fabrics in it weren’t really working. So I’ve taken what I had sewn apart and then picked out these fabrics to substitute in. No background fabric has been chosen for this yet  because I like to know just what flower it is before I do so.

As of right now, if I add up all the ones I’ve done, the ones I have pieces printed for and also include the nightfire hibiscus in this first flower quilt, then I am up to 16 flowers already! If I stick to my plan of 20 flowers, that means just four  – or maybe five more flowers. Maybe five because I may go looking for some more hothouse flowers that would go with the hibiscus and then that would be the beginning of a second quilt. I’m thinking the majority of those remaining four or five flowers will have to be pink – because, as we all know, I love pink and I have very few pink flowers in the mix so far.

With all this printing done, I have lots and lots of wonderful curved piecing ahead of me with these six flowers to make on top of the delphinium for the Garden Gone Wild quilt.  While I know I will still need five or six flowers to add to it, this group of six to sew should keep me busy for a few weeks.

Lobby Flowerswtmk

These were our elevator lobby flowers yesterday.  I’m not sure if they’ll be changed again for the long weekend.

smokin' 2wtmk

“Answering the call – yet again…”

Jake, August 31, 2017wtmk

Jake was crashed on the couch after dinner.

Baxter, August 31, 2017wtmk

While Baxter was keeping an eye on the roof garden from the top of the kitty tree.

10 thoughts on “Printing and Printing and Printing Some More

  1. Your unknown pink flower could be a bee balm. They come in different colours including pink with a yellow centre which the top fabric could serve as. Just a thought.


    • Thanks! While I don’t think the group of pinks I’ve got together for the unknown flower (so far unknown, at least) quite work for a bee balm – now that I’ve been looking at images of them – it is definitely an idea for a more blended grouping of pinks. And I needed that idea as I want to make at least three more pink flowers for my garden!


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    • I usually go by a picture of a flower and then think about the effect I’m trying to achieve when selecting the fabrics for each section of the block. I’ve also learned I have to look at fabric groupings in natural light or under a natural daylight bulb to make sure the fabrics I’ve picked are working.


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