Is This The Beginning of a Hothouse Flower Quilt?

I decided I wanted to look for a few flowers that had more than just shades of one colour and thought pink and purple would be a good place to start. That led me down a path I didn’t expect at all!

What did I stumble across? An exotic flower! Exotic to me, that is, as it’s definitely not something that we’d see growing here in Southern Ontario. It’s called nightfire hibiscus and is absolutely stunning. There are lots of photographs of it to be found on the Internet, but this link is to one of the best photos I’ve found so far.

Nightfire Hibiscuswtmk

I tried to resist the call of that exotic bloom, but that was an exercise in futility. Last night I spent some time choosing fabrics and getting the shapes printed for a nightfire hibiscus. My Gardens Gone Wild quilt has either truly gone wild and exotic or I’ve begun a second Ribbons Flower quilt, being a hothouse flower quilt. Only time will tell! I really enhanced this photo, trying to show the lines printed on my fabrics.

I’m still working on the delphinium and have the fabrics ready to print for the shaggy orange coneflower, as well as a petunia and a sorbet peony. I have spent countless hours the past two days looking at pictures of flowers, but nothing has grabbed my imagination anywhere near as much as that glorious hibiscus – at least not yet.

exotic garden supplieswtmk

“Exotic Garden Supplies”

Jake, Auugst 29, 2017wtmk

Jake wasn’t avoiding having his picture taken yesterday. That always feels like such a bonus.

Baxter August 29, 2017wtmk

Baxter, of course, never turns down the chance to pose for a picture.

17 thoughts on “Is This The Beginning of a Hothouse Flower Quilt?

    • It is such a gorgeous flower that I couldn’t resist. I was lucky to have the right fabrics for it – and I just squeaked by, as there was basically nothing left of one of the pieces once I had printed the shapes.

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  1. I can see why the “nightfire hibiscus” was calling your name. Wow! She has some beautiful pictures. And, I see she has been to my corner of the world — the Palouse. I’m giving my fingers a few days rest.


    • I know! I thought I’d end up spending an entire day just looking at flowers on her website!

      My fingers haven’t demanded a rest yet, but I do have days when most of the work on this quilt is finding new flowers to make and then printing the shapes – so very little sewing gets done on those days.


  2. That is a beautiful hibiscus. Love the colours. An artist friend painted a gorgeous double hibiscus in pink with touches of yellow. You can buy her work on Red Bubble under her moniker of Workable. I have a gorgeous hibiscus scarf and two mugs. Take a look.


    • I couldn’t believe it when I saw the picture! At first I wondered if it was Photoshopped, but once I saw other photos on different websites, I was hooked – knew I had to make one of those!


  3. Wow! An entire series! Succulent garden, japanease garden, orchids, ferns…. Oh, wait, don’t think about it. Lol

    You’re amazing! How fun!




    • Oh, no!! Now that the thought is there, I may be in trouble!! The garden, the hothouse garden, cactus and succulent garden, orchid garden, Japanese garden?? You’re a bad influence! 😉



    • I was absolutely captivated by the picture of that flower and so, so lucky to have those fabrics in my stash. I was going to sew the sorbet peony next, after I finish the delphinium, but now I think I might start sewing the nightfire hibiscus instead.




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