Slowly Opening Peony

Half a sorbet peonywtmk

Ever since a comment was left about a sorbet peony, I’ve been determined to make one. Now I’ve finally got a start on it and the bloom is open halfway. I thought I might have had it finished by the time I posted this, but I got immersed in looking at flower pictures on the internet … again. I think my idea for a quilt of exotic tropical flowers is going to change to one of tropical hibiscus as the colour variations I’ve been finding are incredible!! I need to finish the Gardens Gone Wild flowers before I make the final decision and start on whatever that second quilt is going to be though.

Back of half sorbet peonywtmk

The back of the first half of the sorbet peony.

Unless I’m looking for pictures of flowers for the Gardens Gone Wild quilt, I am going to really try to limit the time I spend looking at flower pictures online until that top is done as it’s clearly all too easy for me to end up spending hours looking at pictures!

No, Jakey - that's half a pEonywtmk

“No, Jakey … that’s half a pEony.”

Jake, September 12, 2017wtmk

Jake claimed the cushion on the couch for most of the afternoon.

Baxter, September 12, 2017wtmk

While Baxter took over Mr. Q.O.’s desk chair earlier in the day.

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