Morning Glory & A Lily

Morning Glorywtmk

My morning glory is perhaps a bit more blue than in nature and who knows, I may change my mind about what flower this is. I want some blue flowers in my quilt and morning glory seemed like one I could make as a blue flower. Thanks to some comments on my last post, I now know about bachelor buttons and they’ll be included as well as some others.

Morning Glory backwtmk

The back, after pressing and grading.

And the lily?

Pink Ribbon Flowerwtmk

It’s the very first Ribbon Flower block that I made. I was prepared to not use it in the Gardens Gone Wild but, thanks to a comment from Wanda at Exuberant Color, it is now being added as an Asiatic lily. I’m thrilled as that one was a struggle to sew, thanks to one of the batiks which was very difficult to get the needle through. Including it and the morning glory, I now have 9 completed blocks.

What’s next? The tea rose – finally. I don’t know why I’ve delayed making this so long as I’ve had the pieces printed for a few weeks. I think it may be because I knew I was going to absolutely love it and wanted to save it.

At this point I have so many ideas for other flowers that I’m beginning to think this quilt may end up huge – well,  huge by my standards. I can easily see this being a 30-block quilt. If I set them 5 x 6, and then add sashing or alternate blocks if I set the flowers on point? That will be enormous!

I have a lot of choosing fabrics and printing the shapes for more flowers ahead of me. The first one I’m going to be choosing fabrics for is the sorbet peony. Oh, my – it is stunning and, thanks to another comment last week from Deb at Sevencub’s blog, I now know about it and absolutely have to make it. I think that the Gardens Gone Wild quilt will include a few different peonies as, once I started looking at the number of varieties there are, I realized that I can’t make just one!

morning glorywtmk

“Morning Glory”

Jake, August 20, 2017wtmk

Jake spent a lot of time looking out the window this weekend. I don’t know what he sees, but something keeps him very interested.

Baxter, August 20, 2017wtmk

Baxter is always interested in – well, having his picture taken. He saw me taking pictures of Jake and immediately jumped up on the top level of the kitty tree and struck a pose.

16 thoughts on “Morning Glory & A Lily

  1. I’ve had morning glories this color! I think it’s perfect! Especially with the vine background. Very nice. Your Lilly is so soft and pretty.

    Enjoy the day!




    • The ‘toon was definitely from before the eclipse although the eclipse didn’t really have much effect here. We didn’t see a total eclipse – just a partial that was easy to miss!




  2. Such a pretty block. I am in awe of the difference fabric placement makes on these blocks. They are all so unique, just like true flowers in nature.


    • Thank you! The difference fabric placement makes with this block is really stunning, especially when you see what some of the others who are making it are doing. Once I finish making the flowers, I know I’m going to play with this block for a LONG time! The different looks one can get seem endless!


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