Shaggy Orange Coneflower

Shaggy Orange Coneflower 2wtmk

I fell in love with the idea of the shaggy orange coneflower for my Gardens Gone Wild quilt when I first saw a picture of it on Wanda’s blog. And now finally it’s done. There is one batik in this flower that only the Thimblelady needle could manage without bending within seconds.  I’m now well and truly sold on the Thimblelady small needles for batiks that are difficult to needle and will make sure I have them handy for the next batik project I undertake.

Shaggy Orange Coneflower backwtmk0001

The back of the shaggy orange coneflower.  Once again I’ve pressed it, but not yet graded the seams.

What’s up next? I’m not sure! I thought it was going to be the petunia, but there are a couple of other flowers that are really, really calling to me.  A carnation is one, thanks to a comment from FS. Then yesterday I saw the Zinderella Zinnia on the Me and My Quilts blog and knew immediately I had to make one of those for the Gardens Gone Wild quilt! There’s also a bit of unsewing that needs to be done. A couple of flowers were partially made, but left unfinished for various reasons. Now I know I want some of the pieces I had used in those partial flowers for either a carnation or the Zinderella Zinnia or another pink flower that I think will be another tea rose. Some printing of shapes may also need to be done as well as I get the pieces ready for the Zinderella Zinnia and a carnation.

I may take a look at the flowers I’ve done so far and perhaps one (or more) of them will be moved to the pile of blocks that won’t make this first quilt. I’m thinking in particular of the iris as it’s the only one that isn’t a large round bloom.

Lobby Flowers, September 16, 2017wtmk

The elevator lobby flowers are starting to have a look of fall to them, even though we’re still having very summer-like temperatures. The longer this summer weather lingers, the better!

shaggy orange coneswtmk

“Shaggy Orange Cones”

Jake, September 16, 2017wtmk

Jake was on top of the kitty tree watching something out on the roof garden on the weekend.

Baxter, September 16, 2017wtmk

At the same time, Baxter was on the windowsill very intently watching whatever it was they could see out on the roof garden.

6 thoughts on “Shaggy Orange Coneflower

  1. THAT is an eye-catcher! If you want to use your iris block, just applique in that extra piece. I made several that I didn’t originally plan, or couldn’t decide on that extra piece, and put them in after the fact.


  2. Wow! That flower is spectacular. The elevator lobby florist hits another home run and I love the creative ‘toon. BTW would hate to see the iris go.


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