Back to Piecing the Blocks

I spent hours laying out the stars for the brown & blue and the Tranquil Garden tops until I was happy with their placement. I ended up using the bed as my design wall – but with the door shut so no little paws were helping. Now that that’s done, I’m sewing them in order.

B&B Block 3-1 IMG_1724wtmk

This will be the top block in row 3 of the brown & blue Silent Garden quilt top.

Back of B&B Block 3-1 IMG_1725wtmk

I’m grading all the seams as I go, but now I’m tending to grade the darker fabric of a pair of seams. I decided to do that after sewing together the first two rows and realizing that there are spots where that would be helpful.

Blue Harpsichord IMG_1708wtmk

I’m back to the routine, so I also finished a blue block for the Harpsichord quilt.

Back of Blue HarpsichordIMG_1709wtmk

Its back, after pressing the block and grading the seams.

Jake May 11, 2018 IMG_1627wtmk

Lately I don’t seem to ever have my phone in my hand to capture good kitty photos, so I’m glad I had a few that were taken a bit earlier this month. First Jake, who was in their favourite spot on top of the kitty tree, watching out the window.

Baxter May 1, 2018 IMG_1587wtmk

Then it was Baxter’s turn to take the top spot on the kitty tree earlier this month. He’s nowhere near the windows today because the dreaded window washers are coming and he’s definitely not a fan of them.

8 thoughts on “Back to Piecing the Blocks

  1. Just think, if you would have let the boys help with the designs layout, you would have been done sooner! I bet they would have loved moving the blocks and arranging them again and again!


    • I shudder at the thought of what that help would have resulted in – and the stars that may have gone missing as Baxter has been known to cart off pieces of fabric, if he gets the chance!




  2. Window washers, a huge bonus, I have the most wonderful very tall man who comes every so often, all done inside and out, solar panels and more. We have a cool morning, almost sleet, about 2 Celsius!!!


    • It is wonderful to have nice clean windows after the winter. It’s so odd to think of winter being anywhere now that we’re thrilled to have warmer and warmer temperatures.




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