An Addition to the Rotation

Ha! As soon as I finished typing that title, I realized it made me think of baseball rather than quilting. But maybe that’s because baseball begins this Thursday! Now I know why my mother always started her “it’s a long, long winter” lament as soon as the World Series ended because it absolutely does feel like it has been a long, long time since the last game. Spring training games were fun to watch and/or read about, but now the season begins!!

Brown & Blue Star IMG_1307wtmk

But baseball isn’t what I was thinking about when I wrote it. But before I get to that – another blue and brown Silent Garden star done.

Deep Purple Harpsichord IMG_1310wtmk

And this deep purple Harpsichord block.

Deep Purple Harpsichord Back IMG_1311wtmk

Brown & Blue Star back IBMG_1308wtmk

Both of which pressed like a dream.

There was a box sitting close to the box in which the wild floral stars are located. And I couldn’t resist. I opened it.

Stack of Blocks to finish IMG_1365wtmk

And found this – a big stack of colourful little 3″ 9-patch blocks, just sitting waiting to be sewn to their setting triangles. They’re basically all ready to be sewn, as I had printed the setting triangles years and years ago and kitted them all up.

Finished 9-patch blocks IMG_1367wtmk

In another box were the ones that I had finished – they turn into 4.5″ blocks. I don’t think I’ve worked on these since sometime in 2012. I think I know what happened – I got bored sewing them, yet they’re a wonderful easy block to sew – perfect for when watching a baseball game, perhaps!

So I’ve decided to add a little 9-patch block to the Silent Garden, Harpsichord rotation. And now the rotation will be a brown & blue Silent Garden block, Harpsichord block, Tranquil Garden block, Harpsichord block and then a 9-patch block. That way I might – just might – get all those little 9-patch blocks sewn to their setting triangles.

9-patch on point IMG_1363wtmk

So the first of the 9-patch blocks was done in the rotation.

Back of 9-patch IMG_1364wtmk

And its back, after pressing and grading the seams. They won’t get finished at the same time as the other three tops, but will end up part of the rotation with the wild floral stars.

After the comments about the wild floral stars on Friday, I’ll definitely be trying some other fabrics as backgrounds and for the kites with those stars and then trying to sort out just how large I want to make that top. I have 81 of the stars which is probably quite a few more than I really want in the top but I have to think that through too.



Jake March 25, 2018 IMG_1372wtmkwtmk

Jake decided to snooze on the couch rather than stare out the window all day yesterday.

Baxter, March 25, 2018 IMG_1370wtmk

I can’t help but take pictures of Baxter in the house! It makes me laugh every time. Keeping the fabric it’s made of clean is another story. I’m going through the sticky roller sheets very quickly. I think the fabric is a magnet for fur!

11 thoughts on “An Addition to the Rotation

  1. That’s quite the rotation! Good luck on that! 🙂
    The house that Baxter is in makes him happy and the pictures are great! I love that paw hanging out!


    • Those little 9-patch blocks should be easy to stick with as I can easily finish one in an inning or two of a game and then get on to working on a more complex, fun block.

      I’ve got to get a picture of him in that house with one front and one rear paw sticking out. He does that quite frequently as well – and that really makes us laugh.




    • I love those 9-patch blocks too and want to get them finished. So that’s why they’re in the rotation – hopefully I can stick with my plan. What a great weekend it was with loads and loads of baseball to watch.



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  2. All of your blocks are beautiful Cathi, but I am particularly fond of your brown and blue Silent Garden Star. It is just gorgeous! You must have the patience of a Saint to trim all the backs. Do you trim before or after you press? Great job. Betsy


  3. An art gallery for ideas!! And the kitty house, Hugh has a Lazy Boy chair covered in velvet like fabric, and all the cats who sit there leave some tell tale fur behind. Lint rollers are a very handy device!!!


    • Those lint rollers are an absolute must-have for anyone with cats. I find any clothing fabric that’s black also magically attracts cat hair, no matter how careful one might be!




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