Two More Blocks Done, Two New Tools

I am staying on course and have two more blocks done.

Pink KB Star IMG_1303wtmk

First a pretty pink star for the Tranquil Garden top.

Pink Harpsichord IMG_1314wtmk

And a pink Harpsichord block. It was such fun to sew two pink blocks in a row because, of course, I can never have too much pink!

Pink KB Star Back IMG_1304wtmkPink Harpsichord Back IMG_1315wtmk

Both of them pressed perfectly.

Finger Toolswtmk

I now have these three different things on my fingers when hand piecing. You’ve seen the finger pincushions before – I’d be lost without one of those so have a little box I keep stocked with a small supply of them. They’re fun to make and I tend to have one in each project box, particularly if I have one that was made with a fabric that I think sort of goes with the fabrics in a particular project. But there are two new tools in this picture that I’m using when hand piecing and they’re tools that I’ve very quickly become accustomed to using.

Ring Thimblewtmk

First is this fabulous leather ring thimble. I use it to basically hold and control the needle while I load stitches and push the needle while hand piecing. I’m finding that loading stitches on the needle is much faster, I get smaller stitches and can push through even tight weaves like batiks without much effort at all. This leather ring thimble is absolutely worth its weight in gold!

Ring Thread Cutterwtmk

The second new tool is the ring thread cutter. It took me a couple of evenings to get used to using it but now that I am, I’m absolutely sold. It definitely saves time as, when I reach the end of a seam and need to knot off and break the thread, I can do so without having to put my needle down to pick up the thread snips. I just pull the thread down over the little blade that’s on the ring thread cutter and the thread is cut cleanly and quickly.  I’ve very quickly realized just how much of a benefit this is as my sewing rhythm really isn’t disrupted for more than a second or two.

Edited to add:  Both these new tools can be found on Amazon by searching for leather ring thimble and ring thread cutter. I didn’t put in links as it can be different from country to country. I know for me, here in Canada, both of these items came from Amazon vendors in Japan. Yes, they took a while to get here but they arrived and I couldn’t be more pleased.

tools of the tradewtmk

“Tools of the Trade”

Jake, April 1, 2018wtmk

I love this shot of Jake that I got on Sunday. He was staring at a kitty toy on the floor, just before he got down to go investigate.

Baxter April 2, 2018wtmk

Both of them were in the kitty tree at various points yesterday, watching the first squirrels of the year out on the roof garden. It was quite a sight, watching them watching those squirrels. By the time I picked up  my phone to get a shot of Jake watching, he had moved. But Baxter wasn’t moving, was barely blinking as he kept his eye on anything going on out on the roof garden.

There is another sign of spring out on the roof garden. The daffodils are just starting to come up. I know exactly where they are in the flowerbed on the roof garden and can see they’re just starting to grow. We’ve not yet seen a robin, but I’m hoping that happens soon.

14 thoughts on “Two More Blocks Done, Two New Tools

  1. The blocks are beauties, but; I’m glad you shared your insight on these two thimble. I do quite a bit of hand embroidery and haven’t yet found the right “mini” tools. Now I can look into these. Thanks Cathi!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I knew the new tools would sort of steal the show from the blocks, but I had to show them. I found both of those new tools on Amazon.




    • Thank you – sometimes I find myself sort of wavering and wanting to pick up something else to work on, but so far I’ve been able to stick with my plan. I found both items on Amazon.


    • I’m right-handed, and this is what works for me – I have the finger pincushion on my left index finger and the ring thread cutter on my left thumb. The ring thimble is on the middle finger of my right hand.




    • The leather ring thimble is wonderful! I can’t believe the difference it has made for me when piecing. I can’t imagine going back to a regular thimble. Both of the new tools came from an Amazon vendor in Japan.




  2. Great blocks, and nice teaser on the new tools!
    So where exactly did you find them? So We all do not
    go on a scavenger hunt on the internet to locate these new toys/ tools! 💕
    Thanks, for all your sharing!

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  3. i love your ring cutter! i want to see a video of you using one as Yoko did! 🙂
    Yes, spring is coming…somewhere, 25 degrees here and snow across the state!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t think that’s going to happen!! While it makes my piecing much, much quicker I am nowhere near as fast as she is!! I need to watch that little video again, I think, now that I have the ring cutter and figure out just exactly how she does that!!




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