Auditioning Fabric and Trying to Resist Temptation!

I’ve been auditioning fabrics for the wild floral kaleidoscope stars on and off since I last showed them. Looking at the stars made me think about what the fabric had looked like before I started.


So I looked back in my blog and was happy to find I had posted this photo of it. It turned into some fabulous kaleidoscope stars.  Now I only have small scraps of it left so wouldn’t have been able to take a photo that showed just what it looked like to begin with.

Kite Fabric possibiilty 1 IMG_1411wtmk

First I tried the stars against this blue batik, with thoughts of using it for the kite shape in the Silent Garden setting. I wasn’t 100 per cent sold, but I thought it might work and so pulled some other fabrics to go with it.

Fabric Combo 1IMG_1413wtmk

I found a fabulous little aqua dot and one of my favourite pale (and somewhat pink, of course) batiks which I thought I’d use for the background hexagon and the small triangle, respectively. However, upon measuring I realized I didn’t have enough of the aqua dot so that was out and nothing else really worked with the blue.

Close-up of kite and background fabric combo 2 IMG_1436wtmk

Then I pulled out a box that contained fabrics that I had kept together with the wild floral fabric. And oh, my – I think I found the perfect fabric for the kites. And I have more than enough of this deeper green little dot to use as the background hexagon with it.

Fabric Combo 2 IMG_1444wtmk

Then it was time to test some ideas for the little triangles. First up I tried the batik I had pulled with the light blue batik in combo 1.

Tri Fabric Possibility IMG_1445wtmk

I really do love this pale batik, but the triangle is very small so I think it’s possibly going to get lost in the design.

Combo with purple fabric for tri IMG_1434wtmk

Then I thought perhaps a purple for the little triangles.

Fabric Combo 2 with gold for tri IMG_1437wtmk

But then I found this orange and it’s perfect, I think, and I have more than enough of it for the triangles. It will be a nice pop of colour in the design that definitely won’t get lost.

So now the big question will be how much I print over the next few days to start the Not So Silent Wild Floral Garden and then just how that gets worked into the current rotation!

But what temptation am I resisting?


This – the Ietsie Pietsie Pizzicato design, which is one of the fabulous quilts in Willyne Hammerstein’s Millefiori Quilts 3. When I got the book, this was actually the quilt that first caught my eye and I’ve had in mind a group of fabrics that might make a stunning version of it.

So yesterday when an Inklingo Ietsie Pietsie Pizzicato collection was released, it was very, very tempting to drop everything and start printing fabrics for it. I can’t even begin to tell you how tempting. But so far I’m resisting. It will be my reward that’s just waiting when I finish one of the Silent Garden tops or the Harpsichord Quilt top. Once one of them is finished, then I’ll start something new. Or is that famous last words and I won’t possibly be able to resist that long? Only time will tell!

That 12-point star and the illusion of curves and the effects one could get, depending on some fussy cutting and colour placement, in Ietsie Pietsie Pizzicato? It really is impossible to stop thinking about so I’d better get piecing the Silent Garden tops quickly! And that includes getting the Not So Silent Wild Floral Garden started, so I need to make a final decision on the fabrics.



Yesterday it was cold and windy and felt more like February than April. The worst part of it? We saw snowflakes. At one point lots of snowflakes. Thankfully, nothing accumulated or even stayed on the ground but snow in April? The robins won’t ever show up at this rate!

Jake, April 4, 2018wtmk

Jake was just disgusted by this turn of events and yawned as he prepared to go back to snoozing in the kitty tree until there’s more activity out on the roof garden again!

Baxter April 4, 2018wtmk

Baxter was not impressed when he saw those white flakes going by the window again.

12 thoughts on “Auditioning Fabric and Trying to Resist Temptation!

    • I think the robins are giving up hope for us! Good grief, is it ever going to warm up??

      I had to make some changes to my fabric choices. More on the blog tomorrow.




  1. What a dilemma, but just think what if we only had one shape in the whole quilting world to work with and it was a square and no curved lines for continuous sewing like you like! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the awesome post on your fabric selection process. Seeing the before fabric used for the kaleidoscope stars was great for a fabric challenged selector! Again thank you for sharing your Inklingo quilt adventure.

    Liked by 1 person

    • When using Inklingo to print the shapes, the best tool imaginable for choosing fabrics for kaleidoscope printing is a window template. I always make one for a shape and use it while choosing a fabric. The next time I’m picking one for some fussy cutting/printing, I’ll take photos. Window templates are easy to make – just print a sheet of the shapes on plain paper and cut out on the sewing lines only. That way you’ve made the window. I keep those sheets in a paper protector so that they don’t tear.




  3. My, my Jakie………. what big teeth you have! Yes, you can show them to the snowflakes. I second your opinion.

    And Cathi, at least you can sew. I have a big orange cat in my lap–making just about anything difficult. He just wanted to go out (and it is lightly raining and has been for more than 24 hrs). He stood just outside the door with his tail for a “bookmark”. About 15 seconds, he turned around and came back in. Now he is warming up those wet feet in my lap.

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    • That description of your big red cat going out and coming right back in made me laugh – just such a typical cat! The cat we had when I was a little girl used to do that in winter. My mum would open the back door to let her out. She’d stand at the door, sniffing the air and maybe – just maybe – deign to put a paw out on that cold white stuff covering the porch. Then she’d promptly turn around and come back in. All the while, the door was being held for her and cold air was coming in! Typical cat!!!




    • I also love the batiks but nothing quite worked other than that metallic for the kites. That said, I’ve changed what I’m using for the little triangles – and I did go with a batik! I can’t even begin to imagine how to pronounce those words – to me they appear as though they’d sound like itsy-bitsy! Cathi



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