Beginning the Not So Silent Garden

Once I thought I’d settled on the fabrics to use with the wild floral kaleidoscope stars, I couldn’t resist getting started. Off to the ironing board I went, as I wanted to print enough of the hexagon, kites and little triangles to make the four-patch units that surround the stars for at least one block. When I looked at the wrong side of the metallic fabric that I’d picked out for the kites, I decided I wanted to try using the wrong side as well as the metallic side. So first I made 12 of the four-patch units – 6 with metallic kites, 6 with the non-metallic side of that same fabric.

I laid them out with a star, just to get an idea. Then I took photos and looked and looked and looked at them.

Star with kites printed on metallic side IMG_1450wtmk

First the star laid out with the four-patch unit that has the kites made with the non-metallic side showing.

Star with Metallic Kites IMG_1451wtmk

Then the star with the kites made with the metallic side showing. I stared at those two photos for hours and hours. Finally, I decided to use the fabric showing the metallic side for the kites.

Even as I cut them out, I was thinking that the fabric for the little triangles was too strong. But the photos definitely made the decision easier. I tried one other fabric – didn’t even take pictures of it as it was definitely wrong.

So what did I end up using?

Tri Fabric Possibility IMG_1445wtmk

This, the batik I had originally thought of using. And it is quite soft, but that’s just fine as I want everything about the blocks to make the stars shine.

NSSG 1 IMG_1492wtmk

Finally, the first Not So Silent Garden block was sewn together.

NSSG 1 back IMG_1493wtmk

The back after pressing and grading the seams. This time I’m grading the seams as I go as the metallic fabrics are a bit thicker than most. This will make the eventual quilt top a lot lighter than it would be had I not graded those seams. I’m also grading the seams before I press because it’s a bit of a challenge pressing those thicker fabrics as well as I’d like. So every little bit I can reduce that bulk helps.

Not So Silent Gardenwtmk

“Not So Silent Garden”

Jake April 9, 2018 IMG_1488wtmk

Jake was watching out the window yesterday, hoping to see some squirrel activity.

Baxter April 8, 2018 IMG_1482wtmk

Baxter makes us laugh when he gets in that little house. This time he had one front and one back paw hanging out.

13 thoughts on “Beginning the Not So Silent Garden

    • I am going to make one more of these blocks right away and then it’s back to the rotation. I’m going to have to be really determined to just stick to the rotation plan I’ve got going and add them in – because I want to make at least half a dozen of these right now!! Baxter always finds a way to make us laugh, it seems.




    • I normally wouldn’t have even thought about using these particular metallic fabrics as they were made by a company whose fabrics I generally avoid, but that floral print I used for the stars was irresistible. I like working with some metallics, but only from certain manufacturers.




  1. Cathi…love your final choice of fabrics for your Not So Silent Garden Block. Have to admit that I am a dog person, but I just love the photos of your two cats. I know they must give you a lot of enjoyment. Betsy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Betsy! I thought I’d never get that final choice made for the little triangle – I’m so glad I kept going back to the batik I had originally pulled out for it. Thank you – we really do enjoy the antics of these two cats and, for that matter, all the cats who came before them in this household. We are cat people, although Mr. Q.O. is very, very popular with the dogs in the building – I think he knows every single one of them by name and they all make a beeline for him.




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