Two More Blocks Done, Two New Tools

I am staying on course and have two more blocks done. First a pretty pink star for the Tranquil Garden top. And a pink Harpsichord block. It was such fun to sew two pink blocks in a row because, of … Continue reading

Tools for Piecing

A couple of weeks ago, Crispy wrote about her favourite scissors.  I thought I’d do the same.

Those numbered 1 are a pair of Gingher stork scissors that I love for cutting embroidery threads.  I remember my mother had a pair of stork scissors, although I have no idea what happened to them.

The ones numbered 2 are a pair of Omnigrid scissors that are my favourites.  I use them constantly.  They have super fine blades, super sharp tips and cut through fabric beautifully.  Because they are so sharp right to the tips, it’s wonderfully easy to make perfectly accurate cuts.

Number 3 — a tiny pair of scissors given to me by a wonderful friend and always kept in my kit for stitching on the go, whether on the roof garden or elsewhere. They are the perfect addition to a stitching kit.

Numbers 4 and 5 are a set of Dovo scissors.  They’re pretty and they feel good in the hand, but they do not cut anywhere near as well as the Omnigrid pair.  I find they actually don’t cut through fabric cleanly at all.  They’ve hardly been used because of that.  I keep thinking they must be a lemon set as so many people seem to love Dovo scissors.  I’ve frequently thought I should take them somewhere to be sharpened and see if that makes a difference.  Has anyone had any experience with having scissors sharpened?  Is it worth pursuing that idea?

Number 6 are fine for clipping threads and are bright so I generally can find them easily.  I picked them up at the Creativ Festival for next to nothing along with the thread snips referred to below.

The three items above the six pairs of scissors are my absolute must-haves when hand piecing.  I’m totally lost without the finger pincushion.  At first, I didn’t think I would get used to it but within an hour after first starting to use it, I was sold.  Now I don’t start stitching until it’s on my finger.  The grey blob is the thimble I use for hand piecing. The thread snips are another tool I always reach for.  While I will use scissors if necessary to cut thread when hand piecing, the snips are the better solution for me.

Monday was a wonderful summery day and today promises to be more of the same, with a humidex reading in the low 30s Celsius.  It appears most of the week will be warm, although rather rainy.  Lester was enjoying the warmth on the windowsill Monday.

Smudge, on the other hand, was snoozing on the couch.